Jeffrey Culver, DDS


Archived Q&A and Reviews

Domingo St. , Berkeley 849-4505

May 2004

My whole family goes to Dr. Jeffrey Culver. The 6 year old LOVES going to the dentist, and the 3 year old who just had his first visit ended up cooperating beautifully and happily even though he arrived scared and clingy. Susan

May 2000

My family (2 adults, 2 kids) has been going to Dr. Jeffrey Culver, DDS for at least 12 years. We think he is great and his entire office is run friendly and professionally. He is a very nice man and a very competent dentist. His support staff of hygienists, assistants and office staff stay with him forever, attesting to his quality. Barbara

I can give a great recommendation for Dr. Culver. My husband saw him several times. A few months later, I started having a major toothache, and his office got me in to to see him within a day despite the fact that I was a new patient. I needed a root canal that required several visits, and they squeezed me in wherever they could to get it done as soon as possible. They're very good there about working with their patients - if you have something routine scheduled, they may ask if they can move your appointment a half-hour either way to accommodate emergency needs, which I don't mind since it's very definitely worked to my benefit. For example, I needed some additional, non-emergency work done, but when I told them I was going to be trying to get pregnant, they once again squeezed me in before my window. The other great thing about him is that I told him right off the bat that I was pretty phobic about dentists (my childhood dentist was like Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man!), and he has always been very sensitive to that. He's very good about explaining everything and telling you what he's going to do next, and he's very open to discussing various types of pain control methods. I have since recommended another friend, who was also favorably impressed. Lysa

August 1996

Good kid-dentist - Jeffrey Culver, Domingo St. (At the foot of the Claremont Hotel) I don't have his phone number or exact address handy but he's great! Barbara