Richard Clopton, DDS

Berkeley, CA
No longer in business

Editor Note (April 2013): Dr. Clopton has now retired and Dr. Anthony Dailley has taken over his practice. See Dr. Dailley's website for more information:

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2005

Dr. Richard Clopton, a Berkeley native, has relocated his practice to here from the Eureka area. He needs and is accepting new patients. His office is in the Huntmont Building (2999 Regent). Carolyn & I really like how he has dealt with us--thorough, patient, and skillful. He is very good at explaining the nature of the problem and its possible solutions, recommending the one that's best for the patient, not his fee. Dr. Clopton is also proactive in teaching good dental hygene. Larry

Sept 2004

Hello, I was referred to dentist Richard Clopton and wanted to see if anyone has had any positive experiences with this dentist, who is located in Berkeley near Alta Bates Hospital. anxious dental patient

My husband and I have both been seeing Dr. Clopton for about a year, and we love him. He has done mostly routine cleaning for my husband, but has replaced a crown for me and taken care of a few cavities. I have had nothing but excellend experiences with him. Feel free to email me with specific questions. krubin

Richard Clopton was recommended to me years ago by my landlord (an older Berkeley-ite from ''way back when'') and I've happily recommended him to several of my friends. I've always found him to be thorough, thoughtful, and he never pushes extra dental work. I've always been happy with his hygienists as well, however one friend noted that on her visit last spring there was a new hygienist that she didn't care for so much. As I said, though, I've found him & his staff to be great. Good luck! Sofia