Guemei Chiang, DDS

Berkeley, CA
Archived Reviews: 

Jan 2008

Re: Pediatric Dentist
Dr. Guemei Chiang is still a great dentist and I highly recommend her and her staff. Rebecca

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist for kids that takes Delta Dental
We go to Dr. Guemei Chiang, 2821 Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, 510-848-4430. Dr. Chiang is a pediatric dentist, she and her staff are wonderfully sweet to kids, my son doesn't mind going to the dentist at all because he gets so much great attention. We've been going there since my son was 3.5, he is now 8. Dr. Chiang divides her time between the Berkeley office and a clinic for low income kids in Oakland. Rebecca

July 2002

Does anyone have any experience, positive or otherwise, with Dr. Guemei Chiang, pediatric dentist? She works with Dr. Vivian Lopez at 2821 Telegraph near Ashby. I called Dr. Lopez based on the recommendations on the website for a first dentist appointment for my almost 3-yr old son. Dr. Lopez is not taking new patients but her colleague Dr. Chiang is.

My son, now 6, has been going to Dr. Chiang for three years. She has a very nice manner and is very consientious. All the hygienists in the office are great with kids. Deborah

I can highly recommend Dr. Chiang. I took my son there when he was five -- he had 10 cavities and his prior pediatric dentist couldn't work with him and recommended total anasthesia. Dr. Chiang's office was great. They came through for us -- as I didn't want my son totally unconscious. They administered something to make him relax and took good care of him. He's now eight and goes there without any complaints. He has much fewer cavities now, too.

The waiting room is a bit neglected, but there is lots of attention to detail inside -- where it counts. Kids borrow sunglasses for the bright lights. Dr. Cheng and all the staff there are really professional and kind. We've been quite happy there. Cornelia

We've used Dr. Chiang and have been very happy with her. We had to do a couple of extractions and other not-quite-major but still pretty significant work on my 6/7-year old. She's really sweet and seems to do a perfectly good job. The office staff are very capable. The only drawback is the limited time she's available -- only Wednesdays, I think. L. Carper

My kids just saw Dr. Chang for the first time recently and we liked her a lot. The office is wonderful (we've been going to Dr. Lopez for years). Hygienists and receptionist are friendly and sensitive to kids. Appointments are usually on time. Deborah