Andrew Cheung, DDS


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October 2008

Re: Urgent need of a dentist with AETNA DMO
I had negative experiences with two of the dentists on your lists I only went to these dentists because they were on the list that accepted my dental insurance. I never did find a satisfactory dentist that accepted insurance.

Dr. Cheung tried to upsell me on many procedures I didn't need. He told me I had lots of cavities and a number of other problems. That seemed suspect to me - my previous dentist had given me a clean bill of health six months prior. And Dr. cheung was pushing an expensive kind of filling that would cost much more.

So I went back to my previous dentist, who looked at the findings and told me that Dr. Cheung was full of it, and that he would make a statement to that effect if I want to report him. Dr. Cheung wanted to drill into my healthy teeth for his own profit!

I did report this incident to a dental review board. It wasn't worth the significant effort: In the end they found against him. the penalty? Dr. Cheung would have to refund my co-pay...$5! I was looking for some kind of censure to curtail his behavior.

Hey, I just checked online to make sure it that there aren't many Dr. Cheungs so that I wouldn't be giving erroneous info...check out the 4 terrible reviews of him on Yelp that sound similar to my experience (I did not write any of the reviews). To confirm, this is Dr. Andrew Cheung at: 2961 Summit St, Suite 3 Oakland, CA 94609 , 510-763-3331

March 2007

I am looking for a good dentist. My dental plan allows me to choose from one of the following but haven't seen any recommendations about any of them. Looking for both good and bad feedback. Farshad Moftakhar, Winnie Lam, Barouir Deimenjian, Andrew Cheung, Mark Cage, John Burns
I would highly recommend that you not go to Andrew Cheung. I saw him five years ago for a check up when I was assigned to him by my insurance, and he recommended that I have extensive dental work done. I went to my old dentist in San Francisco for a second opinion, and he said that the work was unnecessary. Despite Dr. Cheung's dire predictions for me, I haven't had any dental problem since. A few years ago, I sent an email to someone from the BPN who asked about Dr. Cheung and told her about my bad experience. She said she received a bunch of emails from others who had similar stories. Anon

I had very bad experiences with Andrew Cheung. After he did my root canal I had pain, which is not supposed to happen when the root is killed. He said he did not believe I had any pain, and that I must just be grinding my teeth at night, which I never do. After a few years of getting used to the pain, and believing it was normal, another Dentist found out I had an infection in the root canal and it had to be redone. Dr. Cheung refused to take my complaints of pain seriously if it would mean questioning his own work. Plus, he had me pay $700-$800 for a white gold crown which is silver in color. My later dentist told me it's not gold, not even silver. So Dr. Cheung cheated me on top of that. I don't want to sound petty, but the worst part of the root canal was having to endure his bad breath for an hour inches from my face. Not a good sign in a dentist. anon