Bill Cavalli, DDS


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Feb 2012

I had a cavity filled several years ago when I was an undergraduate student. Now, about 5 years later, part of the filling fell out and I'm nervous about getting it fixed. I'm looking for a dentist who I can trust to patch it up, but be conservative in preserving what's left of the tooth. I've been looking at both Tala Aziz on Regent Street and Bill Cavalli on Dana. Does anyone have experience with either of these doctors? I have Delta Dental Insurance through UC Ship.

Our family saw Dr Cavalli for a few years. The pros-he is always on time and very organized and thorough. He is a nice guy and seems to love what he does. He has great hours for working people-early mornings etc. The cons-he is quite an odd personality. My son loved him but my daughter and I did not.(you could read more about him on yelp) We recently switched to Dr Sharp in Montclair and feel good about our decision. anon

I have been seeing Dr. Bill Cavalli for about 6 years and can't recommend him highly enough. Both my husband and I have found him to be very thoughtful and generous. He has never recommended unnecessary work and truly seems to have the well-being of his patients in mind. His office is older, but clean and he takes a very conservative approach to care. Good luck! happy teeth