Francis Carrington, DDS & Joan Seet, DDS

El Cerrito

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2012

Re: Sensitive hygiensts and tmj-knowledgeable dentist
Hi, I have the same situation--receeding gum lines and sensitive teeth. I've been going to Joan Seet DDS in El Cerrito for a number of years now. She and her husband are both excellent dentists who are very careful and conservative about treatment. My regular hygienist just moved but the one I just had there seems fine. They have helped me get my gums in better condition. You can't bring back the recession but you can learn better habits to try and stop it. I'd give them a try. They're on Central and San Pablo, good location. good luck!

Oct 2011

Re: Seeking uber-communicative dentist for gums problem
My dentist, Dr. Joan Seet, is VERY communicative. I had gum problems when I first came to her over 11 years ago and I am happy to report much healthier gums are the direct result of her (and her hygienist's) work. She's very careful and conservative which is good in terms of dental care and very aware of balancing that with financial/insurance constraints. She's on Center and San Pablo, right near the El Cerrito Plaza. YOu'll learn everything you want to know. Happy Mouth

Oct 2011

Re: A trustworthy dentist who accepts Delta Care HMO
It is my pleasure to recommend my dentist of 12 years, Dr. Joan Seet. She and her husband have a practice together---Carrington and Seet. Both are careful, serious practitioners who are good at being proactive so that you have good dental health. I also have Delta and due to the limits on annual payments, Dr. Seet helps me prioritize what needs to be done now and what can wait until the next year so that insurance covers it. Friends I have sent there have been very happy as am I and my husband. They're in El Cerrito, corner of Center and San Pablo, so you can also shop at Costco's or TJs afterwards! grateful patient

Sept 2011

Re: Looking for compassionate dentist
Joan Seet has been my dentist for over 10 years now and I have referred a number of friends to her who also like her. She and her husband (Frances Carrington) have an office on Center and San Pablo. I have receding gumlines which makes hygiene appointments very painful. Over the years, the hygenist I see there (Holly) has helped me bring my gums back to a healthy state. Dr. Seet is a lovely person who explains everything very carefully. She is conservative in her approach which I appreciate since I do not want to lose my teeth, but also aware of financial constraints and is very able to help me figure out what needs to be done now, what can wait a few months, and what can wait a year. I really do understand your fears. It is amazing that I can sit through my appointments in a relaxed state but that is due to their good care. No one is judgmental there so don't worry. Better late than never. good luck!

May 2000

RE: Dentist for the Fearful
I know everyone probably feels the same about their dentist but mine are the best - Joan Seet and Francis Carrington (510) 559-9000. They are a husband and wife team located on the corner of Central and San Pablo one the border of Albany and ElCerrito. I have been going there since I moved here in 1993 and have very bad teeth. I have found them to be very ethical and people of character which is important because I know nothing about teeth and trust them to tell me all my options and to support my decisions. All their office and support staff are also completely amazing and personal. Jenn

March 2000

I have to say I have a great dentist. Very fair and honest. I have insurance and there were a few time he could have done x-rays or something that would have been completely covered but because I didn't need it he didn't do it. I have been there for almost 7 years. Francis Carrington & Joan Seet corner of San Pablo and Central on ElCerrito/Albany border by ElCerrito Bart (510) 559-9000.