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  • Dentist who takes Cigna insurance?

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    Does anyone know of a good dentist who accepts Cigna insurance? I am self-employed and thinking about going with Cigna, so any feedback on that would also be welcome. I was looking for a green dentist, but I couldn't find one on the Cigna list (their search tool is also not very good). Thank you! 

    The adults in our family see Dr. Erwin Yeh ( He's located in the Gourmet Ghetto and takes Cigna. Good luck!

    Dr. Dughman’s office in Alameda takes Cigna. We’ve been happy with the care we’ve gotten over the last nine years. 

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Greetings all, My husband is in the middle of some dental nastiness, and we're hoping to solicit people's opinions on some dentists in Berkeley and in SF. We have pretty limited options, cause we're on the CIGNA dental plan, but here's some of the folks that we'd be choosing from:

Berkeley: Barry Liu (914 The Alameda), Guolin Yu (3031 Telegraph), Soheil Nikfarjam (2320 Woolsey)

SF: Serra Park Dental Group, Sharon Pattendien (450 Sutter), Ronald S Young (1637 Lombard), South Van Ness Dental Group, Thomas Dong (323 Geary)

Of course, if you know of other CIGNA dentists not listed above that are especially good, please let us know. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

I have just started with Dr. Sie ... and she has been simply wonderful. (See Ratna Sie for the full recommendation)

I have some information about Dr. Liu and Cigna Dental that I think might be relevant for you.

I have seen Dr. Liu twice and have found him to be very pleasant. However, after haggling with Cigna and his office administration, I will not willingly return to his office. The office staff was very open that they hate dealing with Cigna and have trouble getting reimbursements.

Cigna will not permit hygienists to do cleaning; they will only reimburse if the dentist does this. So I had to wait two months for an appointment. In the meantime, Cigna was very sloppy and inconsistent about putting our name on their list for Dr. Liu's office. They even listed us as in arears on our payments when this was not the case. So, one time I got there for an appointment and the office staff told Dr. Liu that I wasn't eligible to see him when I was already in the chair with him looking in my mouth! (He kept looking anyway.) We continued to fight with Cigna. It took me about two more months to get another appointment scheduled. The day before, the office called to tell me that Cigna said we weren't listed as patients anymore and that they wanted authorization either by fax or phone or they would cancel the appointment. We spent hours on the phone with Cigna and Dr. Liu's office. Cigna PROMISED to call and confirm our eligibility (but they didn't). I got to Dr. Liu's office the next day only to be told that they had decided to cancel my appointment, though they hadn't called me to inform me of this. They also said that they had changed their mind, and no phone call or fax from Cigna would suffice. Only a written letter would be acceptable, though, again, they hadn't said anything about this the day before. Since I had to get special childcare in order to go to the appointment, I was upset that they refused to see me. When I offered to pay out of pocket, they still refused to see me. It became clear that (1) they were not willing to deal with Cigna at all and (2) they thought that my problems with Cigna had something to do with my own financial irresponsibility. The main receptionist made clear that she did not believe what I was telling her. Two months later, I have not seen a dentist. We just got a bill from Cigna saying that they made a mistake: the dental premiums they were charging were too low, and we owe them more money. Good luck to you; I am confident that you will need it. Elizabeth