Barry Burstein, DDS

San Francisco

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2007

Re: Delta Dentist Provider Recommendations
I have Delta and see a REALLY wonderful dentist, Barry Burstein. Although I live in the east bay I travel to the city (SF)to see him (and have for over 30 years). I cannot say enough good things about him. He won't say you need work unless you do. He is very sensitive to pain(I'm a baby). The office crew is grand. He actually has ethics. I don't enjoy driving into the city but this guy is worth the trip. open wide

August 2006

Re: Seriously dentist phobic
I have gone to the same dentist for 33 years. All of my friends go this guy. I'm scared to death of pain and this guy is gentle.He doesn't give me grief about not being'adult' (which is overrated) He's funny, sincere, caring, and teaches at UCSF. I swear by him..his name is Barry Burstein 415-665-7410. He's in the city but worth the trip been there