Blende Dental Group

San Francisco, CA
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June 2011

Re: Dental misery
I highly recommend Blende Dental Group in San Francisco. Blended specializes in sedation dentistry and in treating people anxious for whatever reason about dental treatment. Worth every penny. Susan

August 2008

Re: Dentist for Autistic Child
I know this challenge sooooo well and I'm very happy to pass along this excellent resource to you. My 11 yr old autistic son was absolutely terrified of dentists and doctors and we had several nightmarish experiences trying to get his teeth checked/cleaned. Each visit ended with a complete meltdown and no work done. I finally lucked into finding the Blende Dental Group in San Francisco. They are a special needs practice with wonderful staff who really get autism. They are sensitive and caring, paying attention to every detail of my son's needs and I'm thrilled that he's finally able to get great dental care. Its worth the drive into the city. They're located at 390 Laurel Street, Suite 310, SF, 94118 (near Laurel Village Shopping Center). Phone is (415) 563-4261. There's alot of helpful information at their website too. Hope this helps. Meg

Nov 2006

My Mother-in-law is in need of dental work but also has severe phobia of having her mouth touched. She lives in Atlanta and found Dr. Blende in San Francisco who apparently specializes in working with people that have phobias. She is planning a visit out for the work but would like some more information. Does anyone have any personal experience with Dr. Blende, know of his work or know anyone who does?

Because Dr. Blende was the dentist that works with Kaiser when patients need oral surgery, my mother saw Dr. Blende. In short, everything about the experience was totaly professional. The staff was exceedingly warm to my mother. There were minor drawbacks. Please contact me if you want more information. Sally