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Feb 2012

Re: Sensitive hygiensts and tmj-knowledgeable dentist
Hello, I had similar issues with TMJ and highly recommend Josh Bernstein DDS in Oakland. 510-601-Smile He is a fantastic dentist and have seriously experienced little to no pain in all the procedures he's done for me which include root canal, cavity fill and tmj therapy. The TMJ therapy was excellent. He not only fit me for a bite guard but helped me learn how to relax my jaw with some rehab and therapy in his office. He's located off of Grand Avenue near Oakland Avenue. Good luck to you! TMJ no more

August 2011

Re: Dentist/periodontist for dental-phobe teen
I am a fellow dental phobe and in fact missed seeing the dentist for 15 years before being forced to go for obvious reasons. Josh Bernstein 510- 601- smile in Piedmont was amazing I started there with heavy drugs and tremendous amounts of kindness and reassurance. I literally had to be medicated to walk into the office. With his help and understanding I recently was fully conscious while he filled a cavity. It was absolutely painless both before and after. I don't think you will find a more understanding and gentler office. Good luck I hope you too find dental happiness. Anon Anon

RE: Strong anxiety about dental work (May 2005)
I chose Dr. Joshua Bernstein, in Berkeley after reading a 1997 posting here. He bills himself in some places as a cosmetic dentist and in others as a anxiety dentist (my need; it had been years since a failed root canal episode in Tennessee launched a much-too-long non-dental period). He uses Triazalom, a very low risk and powerful sedative, which produces a deep sleep in which one can still respond to requests. I had the equivalent of 12 separate visits in three literally pain-free 4-hour sessions (root planing, repairs, all manner of stuff). Not cheap, but my was it worth it to me. He's at:

Date: Nov 3, 1997
From: Heather

For the person in search of a dentist who accepts Delta Dental: My husband and I are both very happy with the work of Joshua Bernstein on Channing in Berkeley. He and his staff are all incredibly friendly and gentle, and I am confident that our 19 month old son is going to love him too.