Frank Beavers, DDS


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Sept 2008

Re: Fabulous Dentist
I am generally sensitive and fearful of dentists. I had a really bad experience, but I love my dentist now. He is kind, gentle, and very honest. His name is Frank Beavers, and he is located in Pinole, which is just off of HWY 80. His number is: 510-758-0900. Everyone in his office is great. You can use my name if you like. He is worth the drive, I promise. Laura

August 2006

Re: Seriously dentist phobic
Hi Dentist Phobic,
To person needing a really, really good dentist who is very caring I highly recommend Dr. Frank Beavers in Pinole (just off the fwy, 10 minutes north of El Cerrito, where I live). 758-0900. I'm sure he takes insurance; doesn't work Sat. I've gone to him for over 10 years; no one else can give me novocaine as I am needle- phobic. cass