Hosein Bavafa, DDS


Archived Q&A and Reviews

Aug 2012

Hi - I'm currently looking for a new dentist, and am looking into going to Dr. Bavafa at Elmwood Dental. Can anyone give me a review of your experience with Dr. Bavafa? Thanks!! D

I would highly recommend dr Bavafa. He's honestly the best dentist I've ever had - he's thorough, explains proceedures clearly and will always check in with you during a visit to make sure you're feeling ok. He never tries to upsell or do anything unnecessary. He'll give you the pros and cons of every decision and give advice but will leave the final decision up to you. Also to add his office is spotless! He's a huge clean freak and you can't see a spec of dust anywhere so it makes you feel really good about how he cleans and maintains his instruments. Sara

I have been receiving treatment by Dr. Bavafa for a few years now, and I am very satisfied. He provides thorough exams and feedback on what needs to be fixed and what needs to be watched, and how you can or should take care of your teeth and gums. He is careful and takes an observing position before he puts you through unnecessary procedures. My teeth are in great shape.