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March 2010

Re: Good dentist who accepts Delta Dental
We switched from Blue Cross/Anthem self insure dental plan because none of the East Bay dentists on their list were acceptable. We tried Family Dentists on Franklin. They did not provide a written estimate/treatment plan, requested a deposit before they would repair a filling, overcharged per the insurance rates and would not explain why or how that happened, and the office is in terrible condition with ancient equipment.

March 2009

Hi all, I'm desperate for a decent dentist that takes DeltaCare USA. These are the providers they list in the area. If you have any experience (neg. or pos.) with any of these providers, I would be extremely grateful!! (Unfortunately, DeltaCare USA is an 'individual' insurance plan and NOT the same as regular Delta insurance. So sending me your favorite dentist who takes Delta but isn't on this list will sadly not help. Sigh.) Thank you so much!!

Have you looked at reviews on Yelp? Family Dentist (1510 Franklin) is on there. I wrote the good review of Dr. Albertson. Based on other reviews, it sounds like the dentists on staff may be a bit uneven, but I've been happy every time I went.

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist who will use nitrous oxide
I'd like to recommend my dentist: Robert Albertson, DDS. His office is in downtown Oakland at 1510 Franklin Street. I saw him this summer after about 4 years of not visiting a dentist. I needed some work done on the plaque I had built up, and he suggested the use of nitrous oxide during my deep cleaning, which I did opt for. I suspect he'd be supportive of a patient requesting the gas.

I visited his office three times over the course of a month and found him and his office staff to be very professional. He did get repetitive with his advice to me on improving my brushing & flossing regimen. However, he could probably tell that I'm still not flossing and was trying to make the message sink in.

One warning: this office has obviously not been remodeled in about 30 years. Do not be scared away by the layout or decor. Though it looks quite obsolete, the staff working in it is good. You can call them at 510-893-1923. clean teeth