Layla Abazari, DDS

Mountain View

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Feb 2012

Re: Pediatric dentist with Principle
We have seen Layla Abazari at two different offices. I believe, dental health specialists often rotate offices, thus only work specific days at any office.

The first time we met her was at Gentle Dental, but she does not work there anymore. The experience with the office was very disappointing, mainly due to the fact that it is not a designated pediatric office. Now we see her at a pediatric dental office on 12th St in Oakland. Much better service, but also considerably more expensive. They charge absurd amounts for the gas anesthesia. Up to $200 instead of $80 or so at the other office.

As for Dr. Abazari's work: She is very thorough. She explains exactly what she suggests working on, and why, and how urgent it is. She looked into my child's medical history and made sure we have certain medicine with us just in case. I first found this annoying, but I can see her point. It's about the child's safety, and the dentist's liability. She uses her ipod and digital video glasses so kids can watch movies during longer treatments, and hold still. The wait time at the 12th Street office is short. And my child likes the little gimmicks they give away much better than getting a toothbrush. In summary, I think she is a good doctor, but I suggest looking at the office you are going to visit, too. To healthy teeth.