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Oct 2008

Re: Healthnet Physicians- Reviews pls.
I have Dr. Deborah DeMott as my primary physician. I don't see her that often, but have been very pleased with the times that I have needed a doctor. Initially I chose her blindly as I wanted a female doctor in the Berkeley area, but I have been satisfied with her care. I have not had to wait long when I have an appointment, and have gotten appointments on short notice. Lori

Sept 2008

Re: Looking for Oakland Berkeley female MD
We really like our physician, Dr. Deborah DeMott in Berkeley. She is an Internist. She is very kind, smart, and always there when we need her urgently or for routine physicals. We searched a long time to find her. Our previous dr. retired and it was hard to find a good match. She has a great sense of humor and easy to talk with. She always gives us enough time. Her office is in that Milvia Street/Alta Bates owned complex with its own parking lot. The office takes our Blue Shield PPO. I believe her associate's name is Dr. Ross. Office phone: 843-8002
Well cared for

Aug 2002

I have seen Deborah DeMott for years and only switched out of her practice because I had to change medical groups. I highly recommend her. She listens very well, takes my concerns seriously, and has not hesitated to refer when she felt it was warranted. She also has a great nurse she works with who responds quickly to messages and is easy to work with. Hannah


I see Deborah Demott, who is part of the Alta Bates Medical Group and highly recommend her. She is very personable and listens well. I also feel she respects my opinion and is quite responsive. I have no idea if she has an open panel at this time, but in case she does not, I've also seen another female doctor at Dr. Demott's office who I really liked. Her last name is escaping me at the moment, but I do know that it starts with a Tr. Hannah

I switched to a GREAT doctor,Dr Deborah DeMott(Alta Bates Medical group).She is smart,witty and progressive. There has never been a time where I could not be seen,as well as her staff are soooo kind and sweet. My calls are promptly returned and most of all I know she cares about our well being. Her telephone # is848-9023. Tell her I sent ya'. Danielle