Denise Davis, MD

San Francisco
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  • Nov 2020: Dr. Davis now teaches at UCSF and sees patients in San Francisco.

Archived Q&A and Reviews


Jan 2011

Re: Seeking African-American Doctor
Dr. Denise Davis is a phenomenal primary care doctor who is African-American. She is located in Berkeley near Whole Foods; her # is 510-883-1046. I worked for Dr. Davis for three years, and then became her patient, and have experienced firsthand the degree of competency and care that she provides to every patient. Happy with my doctor

Sept 2009

Re: Looking for good general practioner in E. Bay
Dr. Denise Davis has been well reviewed here...and superbly so on Yelp (read the very long review at, and I strongly agree. She's African-American, and Jewish, a good diagnostician, and she is accepting new patients, as of August 2009. A fan of Dr. Davis

Nov 2008

Re: Looking for GP *and* Dentist, EC or Berk
I'd like to recommend Dr. Denise Davis in Berkeley. Her number is (510) 883-1046. I think she is a general internist. I went to her for years and very sadly had to change doctors when she stopped accepting most insurance (I think she only takes Blue Cross now so it would work for you). It was so hard to leave her, that I paid out of pocket for a few years for my annual exams. I finally found a primary care physician that I really like who is covered under my insurance so I officially switched last year. BTW, my new doctor is Amal Sawires and I really like her, too. Her number is (510) 204-8110. They are both located right on or near the intersection of Telegraph and Ashby in Berkeley (near Whole Foods). Donna

March 2008

Re: Female MD that takes Blue Cross PPO?
Hi, I can recommend Dr. Denise Davis, she's located on telegraph right near Alta Bates and she does take Blue Cross PPO. I'm pretty sure she is taking new patients and she is truly wonderful. One thing to know -- she charges an annual fee that isn't billable to insurance (I think it's around $200) and for this, your appointments last 45 minutes to an hour (instead of the typically rushed 10-15 minute appts with most doctors), and she makes herself available to you via cell phone and e-mail for after hours emergencies. And she does same day appointments if you need 1! K

Jan 2008

Re: Need good primary care physician
My long-time primary care physician retired a year ago. After a thorough search, I have very very happily ended up with Dr. Denise Davis in Berkeley (a block from Alta Bates). She is an internist* who really believes in getting to know, and spending adequate time with patients. First session was 45 minutes of getting acquainted. She is African-American, Jewish, and a fine person. John

June 2006

I have been seeing Dr. Denise Davis, who personally is great, but I have always found her staff unfriendly and now she is charging $200 a year for ''office overhead'' which seems like gratuitous padding for her bank account to me. (Especially when I got that letter the same week she couldn't see me for a sinus infection because she was on vacation.) S.

Jan 2006

Re: African-American Family doctors
Denise Davis (listed here at BPN) is a family doc - but not a pediatrician. We were pretty pleased with her over the years despite small problems like not billing the appropriate codes (office visit instead of preventative), X-ray orders and prescriptions that needed to be corrected, and sometimes inefficient but generally pleasant office staff. We found her consistently nice and quite proper.

But unfortunately she is changing her practice. She let us know a couple of months ago that as of August 2006 she would no longer be taking Blue Cross insurance. This was not such a big deal to us, she explained that they didn't reimburse enough money to her -- fair enough. The move actually spoke positively of her popularity (and no doubt BPN's role in that).

Then surprisingly last week we got another letter saying that she would also start charging an annual fee per person for all her patients on top of her $200+ visit charges starting in January. For us this would be almost $500/per year not refundable by insurance on top of our already significant out of pocket medical costs. Only a week earlier we had confirmed with the office the BC termination date of August, and at that time, under direct questioning, there was no mention of this fee. We probably would have stayed with her but had to question our loyalty. Businesses I know and have owned would never send a letter to clients the week between Christmas and New Year's announcing some sort of special annual club-like dues starting in January (with no opt out to boot). She did highlight in her letter a commitment to scheduling appointments promptly and her dedication to the emotional health of her patients. But this reasoning failed to convince me - though the irony of the latter line was smile-worthy. After checking with several doctor friends to see if this was some new trend -- 'no' -- we chose to move on. anon

March 2004

Re: Female Primary Care Physican Needed
I recently saw Dr. Denise Davis and thought she was excellent. Her office is near Alta Bates, and she has a fairly new (also female)partner so they were taking new patients (at least as of last August). She is not patronizing, but is straightforward and takes the time to talk to you and get a sense of your whole situation. In fact she's the only primary care physician I've ever seen that I would honestly recommend. The office is small and friendly and seems efficient. Sonia

June 2003

A Parents Net subscriber who tried to make an appointment reported that this practice is no longer open for business. However another subscriber reported on 8/24/04 this is not the case and that the current phone number is 510-883-1046.

Dec 2002

Re: African-American Family doctors (Dec 2002)
My former internist is African-American, and is a wonderful physician. She stopped taking HMO's, however (which is why she's no longer my doctor). Her name is Denise Davis, M.D. She used to be on San Pablo in Albany but moved from there. I believe her office is now on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. Also in San Pablo on Vale Rd. is Sharon Jones, M.D. I've heard good things about her.


My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Denise Davis (510-528-1389) as our primary care physician. I got her name from this list. She is located in the Alta Bates Medical complex off of San Pablo in Albany. We have been very pleased with the quality of care we have received from Denise and her nurse practitioner, who is very competent. We have not yet needed a referral to another doctor, so I can't comment on the quality of her specialist recommendations. But the office is friendly and responsive, and we have found Denise's judgment to be good and well-informed. Katie

From: Sherry

In response to the request below, my current gp (Internist) is Denise Davis at Alta Bates med. practice in Albany. She's great! and takes a very holistic approach to medicine. (but may not be taking new patients). I recommend her very highly. Phone: 525-7887.

From: Donna

I have found a great doctor, Denise Davis. She's with the Alta Bates Medical group. Their offices are at 500 San Pablo Avenue right next to a big car wash and across from El Cerrito Plaza and the Wells Fargo bank. I don't know if she's taking new patients but the number of that practice is 525-7887.