Frank Dal Santo, DDS

San Francisco

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2003

Re: Oral surgeon for anesthesia options
Dr. Frank Dal Santo in San Francisco at 450 Sutter. 415-989- 1050. When I had mine pulled, I told him I wanted to be knocked out; this wasn't an issue for him at all. I woke up in their recovery room very happy to have missed the whole operation. Ann S

April 2003

Re: highly skilled oral surgeon for impacted wisdom tooth
I highly recommend my oral surgeon, Dr. Frank Dal Santo. His office is in San Francisco on Sutter Street. He worked very patiently on my front tooth that required an implant (this is a multi-stepped procedure that takes about 2 years to complete). During this type of work, I had to be on a soft food diet following parts of the procedure. He worked with me on this while I was pregnant in a supportive manner. I referred a co- worker to his office for wisdom teeth issues and my co-worker was pleased with the service. His phone is - 415-989-1050 Good luck! amy