Stephen Brown, MD


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Oct 2004

Re: Primary Care Physician - Health Net
We moved to Berkeley last year and by chance got assigned to Stephen Brown. He has been excellent: he took a lot of time with both my wife and I on our initial visits, has really listened to us, and has been great with references to specialists. I especially appreciated his taking a firm line with me on changing my exercise and diet to bring down my cholesterol, and have benefited greatly from his advice. He left a distinguished research career to go back to doing primary care, and is really committed to it. My wife and I both recommend him highly. Mark

Aug 2000

I was very dissatisfied with my experience with Dr. Stephen Brown's office on Milvia, a Healthnet Primary Care Physician. I never actually saw the doctor, just his assistants and felt as though they were dismissive of my questions and concerns. When I called to follow up none of my telephone calls were returned either by the assistants or the doctor. I tried to get clarification for some of the tests ordered and no one was able to respectfully answer my question. I felt that the office staff was not at all helpful.  christopher

I don't want to discount anyone's experience with Dr. Brown as I've seen him as a patient and can imagine him being quite abrupt... However, he is a hero in our family. About eight years ago my sister in law was a student without health insurance and had seen Dr. Brown a few times for minor complaints. She called him in the middle of the night in incredible pain and he saw her immediately, diagnosed her correctly with an ovarian cyst, got her into SF General, saved her fertility (and perhaps her life) and then refused payment for the care she had received from him since, as he said it, I'm in an overpaid profession. He treated her with respect and great kindness, and was also gentle with my brother. My sister in law was still paying off the hospital bills five years later, but not Dr. Brown. Myriam