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Oct 2010

Re: 5 year old having 'extra' tooth extracted

Our 4 year old son had his extra tooth extracted last May by Dr. Richard Berger (510.848.1055). It went extremely well in spite of my anxiety about it. My son is slightly obsessed with airplanes and anything that moves for that matter, so we pretended that the chair was a Blue Angel's chair, and the gas mask was a Blue Angel's mask (navy airplanes that participate in fleet week). We also did quite a bit to focus on the tooth fairy's visit. He was soooo excited about going to the oral surgeon that morning, that his twin sister was in tears that she couldn't have her tooth extracted as well.

In our earlier consultation Dr. Berger had explained to us that there were 3 possibilities for anesthetizing my son, each more invasive (sorry, can't think of the correct word). 1) nitrous oxide or laughing gas, 2) a shot of some drug to relax him (something like valium), or 3) general anesthetic. I desperately wanted the first option, so I really worked on making it seem like fun option for him. Dr. Berger was prepared for all three levels, and would escalate only if necessary. And with my iPod in hand, my son was totally comfortable and a great patient. We were out of there in 30 minutes because it was only the nitrous. All in all, I think that our son remembers it as a very pleasant experience.

The only thing that I wish that we had done better is that when we walked into the procedure room, all of the extraction tools were out on trays. Most of them were above my son's line of vision, but there was one tray with some really scary looking instruments on it, which I jumped in front of until the nurse could cover it with a paper towel. Ours was not a pediatric office, and I don't know if there are pediatric oral surgeons as an option. It wasn't as inviting as a pediatric dentist office is, but the staff was very sensitive to children. And they even had a basket of cheap plastic toys as a reward once the procedure was complete. annette

My daughter broke a tooth at age 5, which had to be extracted. Craig Bloom in Berkeley ( the extraction, and he and his office were great. Recovery was pretty fast. I don't remember a lot of complaining. We had to avoid straws and other sucking, of course. Carrie

Aug 2010

Re: Oral Surgeon to extract wisdom teeth
I had impacted wisdom teeth and was pulling other teeth at the same time for adult orthodontia. I had 7 teeth pulled at once with Dr. Berger and he was excellent. The office was well run and they explained everything very clearly. They put me under and the next thing I knew, it was over and I was in recovery with my hubby there to pick me up. The group is called Berkeley Oral Surgery ( and I believe Drs Bloom and Berger both have many recommendations archived in BPN. joc

Dec 2009

Re: Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth
Hi All three of my kids had their wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Craig Bloom in Berkeley. He treated them very kindly and called to check up on them. I would recommend him. Mom of three

Jan 2008

Re: Oral surgeon for 15-year-old with asthma and seizures
My teenage daughter had a good experience with Bloom, Berger and Krey in Berkeley (510-848-1055). They were recommeded to us by her orthodontist. Dr. Krey walked her through the whole process ahead of time, the surgergy went well, and the follow-up was effective. Anon

My 12-year daughter saw Dr. Craig Bloom of Berkeley to have an impacted baby tooth removed. His pre-procedure talk with her was perfect. The procedure went fine. Good luck. Anon

Craig Bloom is an excellent oral surgeon who operated on my then 8-year-old. He is very calming and patient. He explains everything and takes the time to answer your questions. He does not rush the appointment and is very thorough. Recently, he removed 4 of my older son's (18) impacted wisdom teeth and again he was quite thorough. His address is 2522 Dana Street, Suite 202, Berkeley. Phone is 510-848-1055. rishida

Nov 2007

I need feedback of DDS. Richard Berger for denta implant work. Has anyone had implant done by him? Or Craig Bloom, Bryan Krey? They work together? Their web site is Is there any other lmplant doctor you know?

Regarding Dr. Richard Berger. No implant experience, but he realigned my daughter's upper and lower jaw (nice way of saying both were removed and reattached). The surgery, although scary for us, went fine. I'm not in love with his bedside manner, but he did good work. Dr. Bloom is a sweetheart and has removed several of my son's teeth (wisdom as well as too many baby teeth for braces). You'd be fortunate to have either. Sue

Aug 2004

My 7 year-old son has been referred by my orthodontist to the oral surgeons Bloom, Berger and Krey for the extraction of 3 baby teeth. If anyone has had any experience with these doctors or advice on prepping my son for the procedure, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Joan

I recently had an extraction and an implant done by Dr. Bloom. He was GREAT!, did excelent work and has a very easy going, humerous manner. I think he would be great with kids at putting them at ease. My regular dentist who put the crown on the implant told me that they usually have to glue the crown to the implant fittings, but mine was placed so perfectly that they could put a screw through it- so then if I need future adjustments they can unscrew the crown instead of breaking it(thus not having to spend another $800 for a new crown!) I highly recommend Dr. Bloom, and hear the other docters in his office are good also. Lisa

My 8-year-old daughter had two baby teeth pulled by Dr. Berger and it went very smoothly. The office staff was friendly and considerate, Dr. Berger was very nice, and I think the whole visit took about 30 minutes. Their instructions for home care were clear and I believe they even called later to check on her. All in all, I was very pleased. Alice

We had an excellent experience with this group. Each of my daughters has had teeth pulled in the last few years & we found the process surprisingly untraumatic. The office staff is great, the surgeons are great, the whole atmosphere is one of calm competence. I highly recommend them. Melinda

My now 11 year old son had 4 teeth extracted by I believe it was Dr. Krey last fall. The experience was almost pleasant. My son had routinely been to the dentist since he was four but had never had any cavities or other work done. He is also a bit of a wimp about pain. The oral surgeon was very calm and friendly and put my son right at ease. He was extremely quick about it and told my son to let him know the second he felt anything uncomfortable and he would stop.

Although the doctor suggested pain medication if he needed it, my son didn't even take any. Now he is in another phase of his orthodontia and may need additional teeth extracted - he asked if he could go back to the same guy! Good luck! Lisa

My daughter has been through a number baby tooth extractions with Dr. Bloom, and will be going back for a few permanent teeth. They provide an initial consultation with the Dr. and were very thorough about providing info and answering questions -- both mine and my daughter's. They gave us valium to give her an hour before the procedure -- it didn't knock her out completely, just helped her relax and wore off within an hour afterwards. I went in with her while they got ready, then waited in the waiting room until they were done. I think Dr. Bloom suggested that arrangement because she was anxious. Afterwards, I went back to meet her and we were out of there 30-45 minutes after we arrived.

She said the worst part was the shots they give to numb the tooth, and that the actual extractions didn't hurt at all. She didn't have any pain or swelling, but you use Advil and ice for the first few hours. It's not a pleasant experience, and she's not looking forward to going back, but she still likes Dr. Bloom. Both the dentist and the orthodontist say he's very good at his job, and I think the speed of his work and lack of complications are probably due to a lot of experience with the procedure. We've been through some terrible dentists, and I felt pretty lucky that she got such good treatment.

You can email me if you want more details.

These guys are great!!! My 9-year old had to have extractions for orthodontia. I found them to be very professional, kind and funny. We forgot our pulled teeth for the tooth fairy and they mailed them to us without us even asking. My son had no problem with pain during or afterward. kim

My children have been to Bloom, Berger & Krey several times for extractions. My daughter also had major jaw surgery (Mandibular Osteotomy) performed by Berger, and although it was really scarey going through it, it turned out perfect.

I don't have any experience with Krey (I think he's newer to the practice), but Bloom and Berger have done great work for my kids. If you want ''warm and fuzzie'' pick Bloom, if you don't care about that, and like a more direct manner, pick Berger. Either one is technically good.

As far as preparing your child for the visit, I'd just explain what was going to happen in a very low-key manner. If they express fear about the pain, tell them that the doctor will make sure it doesn't hurt. I think (check with the office) that you have a meeting with the doctors before the actual extraction and they explain exactly what will happen. Sue

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Bloom. I went to him just last week for a tooth extraction. He is wonderful!! I am extremely fearful of any dental experiences and was so anxious about this one. My own dentist recommended him and said that he and his family have seen Dr. Bloom themselves. Dr. Bloom completely put me at ease and made the experience as good as it could possibly be. I would send my own children there. If you ever have to have oral surgery - this is the place to go. I can't speak of the others there, but Dr. Bloom was great. Maria

My fussy and competent orthodontist thinks the world of this oral surgery practice. He referred us to Bloom, feeling that he was the most touchy-feely of the group but reported that all of the oral surgeons are technically excellent. Bloom pulled a few of my daughter's teeth and will pull 5 more this October (yes, she has plenty of teeth left). My daughter is completely unbothered by the pending extractions because her first experience with Bloom went so well. Sensitive Mama

I have had various experience with these guys--for myself, my husband and most recently my eight year-old daughter. They are excellent! Professional, nice, more than competent. I couldn't recommend them any higher! Good luck! Debbie

I had a badly cracked tooth removed by Dr. Berger a couple of years a go and he was wonderful- I will go straight back to him if I ever need an oral surgeon again. He is a genuinely nice person, and he got my tooth out painlessly and amazingly quickly- not even any of that yucky noise. Cecelia

My son had 4 baby teeth pulled by Dr. Krey within the last year, when he was 8. It was quick, easy, made as pleasant as possible by the staff's good cheer. My son did not complain of discomfort during or after the procedure. I was in the room with him the whole time.

We are returning for four more extractions in the next month. This time he is anxious re the sound of the extractions. He says that is the worst part of the whole procedure. We may try a CD player with headphones; the orthodontist suggested asking about nitrous oxide. iris

I just saw Dr. Krey a couple months ago for an extraction. I went to him partly because of recommendations on this web-site, as well as my dentist. I was very nervous about it, and he was very kind, gentle and it was so much easier than I expected. Of course, it can be different for a child, but I would highly recommend him. anderson h

These folks are pros! The only thing my daughter was unprepared for was the numbness she felt afterwards from the novocaine. She wasn't prepared for her tongue and cheek to be numb. That being said, Dr. Bloom, (the only one that I have experience with) is wonderful and puts the kids at ease. Sally

My children both have had braces, and part of this process has involved the necessity of extractions. Our orthodontist sent us/them to Bloom, Berger & Key, and our experience with them was quite positive (as positive as such an unpleasant process can be). Also, my father, then in his seventies, had a problem with a tooth during a visit, and Bloom, Berger & Krey handled his situation promptly and competently. My main advice would be not to express a lot of anxiety to your child in anticipation of the appointment, as they will pick this up oh, so promptly. Assure them that the process is routine and all will be well. And if you have questions before or after the process, ask them, without hesitation. Doug

July 2003

Re: 15-year-old with 4 impacted wisdom teeth

Bloom and his colleagues are the best--we have researched this thoroughly No wisdom teeth but other issues

April 2000

I've been having some problems with my TMJ joint and have gotten a referral to Dr. Brian Krey. Does anyone have any experience with him? Also, any general advice about TMJ would be appreciated - what sorts of treatments are out there for someone with relatively mild pain and soreness? Any ways to prevent progression of joint damage?

I went to him last week for the first time for a tooth removal. Dr. Krey explained in detail what he would do and gave information about possible consequences (that never came true). The tooth was removed without me even knowing it had happened. I was given nitrous oxide and Novocaine. While not being a pleasant experience, I found Dr. Krey to be knowledgeable, calm and competent. Trisha

Oct 1998

Oral Surgeon: I recommend Dr. Benjamin Bloom, 848-1055.(South Campus area) I would aim for him, rather than other office surgeons. He is scheduled pretty far in advance, so you might want to schedule even if you need to change your appointment. He is sensitive and willing to dialogue and I thought he handled both my adolescent girls very well. One was very fearful of the entire procedure. My own dentist, Willie Moore told me years ago that he was a genius with gums. Sherry