LiFang Liang

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April 2007

I am interested in hearing feedback about experiences with Dr. Lifang Liang in San Francisco. I am thinking about seeing her for infertility and I can't find much about her in the archives. Thanks! anon

I had an overall good experience with Dr. Liang, although my pregnancy was achieved via donor egg following two years of trying to overcome the effects of my age with other CM practitioners. she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced as well as motivated, gentle, committed, and positive. she is unusual in that she is comfortable coordinating both Eastern and Western approaches to infertility if you are also working with Western doctors (she recently wrote a book to help bridge that gap and shared copies with the local Western clinics). although very busy she always made time for me and her student assistants were overall quite competent. the few minuses I have to report include her memory being rather sketchy at times (she sees so many patients) and her English as well. this was not a big problem however. the herbs she uses are powdered for mixing with water and therefore easier to deal with than whole herbs but more effective than pills once you get used to them. good luck! happy mom
I think Dr. Liang is brilliant. I credit her with the birth of my son. At age 37, I was told that my FSH was so high I probably couldn't get pregnant. I was single at the time, but decided I would try anyway. I went to Angela Wu for three months, and then tried IVF, no luck. Fast forward three years, and age 40 (no longer single), I went to Dr. Liang, she didn't promise me anything, but I got pregnant naturally 4 months later. I don't know if this common, but she told me that it had happened with several other of her patients. She was an OB/GYN in China, and as I wrote earlier, I think she's brilliant. I took the herbs despite my worries, and I feel like they helped. My son is quite healthy. She is fairly straight forward, and there isn't a lot of complicated stuff like with Dr. Angela Wu (who also is quite helpful for a lot of women), I love the book ''The Infertility Cure'' by ? Dr. Liang wrote a book, but I think it's more for other Docs. Grateful patient
Hello I saw Lifang Liang when I was trying to conceive -- I had one prior miscarriage and was 42. I received acupuncture and herbs for a few months and then became pregnant with my twins. I saw her for a little while while I was pregnant and then couldn't really contain the long trips to SF and herbs. I'll never know what hand she did play in my ability to hold the pregnancy but I am glad I went to her and trusted her knowledge (she was a GYN in China for 25 years). She doesn't have the softest bedside manner however but seemed caring, skilled and with an excellent track record. now have twins