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  • How does hiring a nanny work?

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    We are looking to hire a full-time nanny starting in January 2023, but we have no idea where to start! We’d love to hear from veteran parents about how you went about interviewing, negotiating with, and working with a nanny. Are there sample contracts we can review that detail how benefits/vacation/sick time work, and other things we’re probably not thinking about? Would appreciate any and all insight!

    We took a free class offered by BANANAS (https://bananasbunch.org/) "Hiring a Nanny 101" that was super helpful and done in partnership with a group called Hand in Hand (https://domesticemployers.org/) that advocates for ethical employment of domestic workers. There are sample contracts at their website (though we edited ours a bit to make it a little less formal). Not sure if you are wanting to do a share or not, but very helpful advice we got for doing a share was to first find a like minded family and then jointly recruit the nanny. We provide 10 sick days, 10 vacation days, federal/state holidays over a year. Also, we pay "above the table" and use Poppins Payroll to handle properly withholding for taxes, etc., but many nannies want to be paid "under the table". Something to think about and make explicit in the interview process to make sure you/they are on the same page. Usually nannies are looking for employment 6-8 weeks out so you have a little time before you need to start recruiting. We used both BPN and a facebook group called "Bay Area Nannies and Mommies" to recruit. Good luck! 

  • Advice on Hiring a Nanny

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    I am first time mom, and planning to hire a nanny come end of year when I go back to work. Looking for parents with a nanny or who had a nanny to get advice on how to best move forward. If you are willing to spread your knowledge, please let me know and we can set up some time to speak. Thanks in advance.

    [Moderator Note] here is BPN's archived advice about nannies: https://www.berkeleyparentsnetwork.org/advice/nannies

    Bananas in Oakland (at Claremont near 51st) hosts training on hiring a nanny (as well as other sessions about childcare).  We attended and it was great—how to interview, payment and contracts, nanny shares, and more.  They may be doing virtual sessions...not sure.