Can you find Nannies who will work in Montclair or the hills?

We’re interested in moving from SF to the East Bay in the next few months and have been considering moving to Montclair. However, a friend of mine with a baby in the east bay mentioned that when they were interviewing Nannie’s, most of them did not want to work in the hills. If we move to Montclair, are we going to have trouble finding a nanny?

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Absolutely not. There might be a few that are not interested in trekking up the hill but that is not the majority. 
When are you looking to move? Our nanny arrangement is ending this August and can recommend her if you’d like.


That might be true for nannies who don't drive and are relying on walking/strollers to take the kids out. Our nanny drives my daughter everywhere and has no problem with hills as long as she can find parking and you provide the car seat. She'll be looking for a new family starting August, let me know if you'd like her contact info.

My nanny lives in Montclair -- seems like it wouldn't be an issue. Feel free to contact me and I can give you her contact info so she can share other nannies in the area.

We’re looking for a nanny share staring mid / end of September and we live in Glen highlands/ Montclair. Currently have an amazing nanny who comes to our house to watch our twins, but looking to keep our nanny on for a nanny share with our new baby girl born March 2023 when our twins head to preschool.

We lived in Montclair and had a nanny share for our child.  I think it’s key to find a nanny who is willing to drive in the hills.  Depending on where you live, taking walks in the neighborhood might not be a safe option since there are limited sidewalks—but there are great parks and the Oakland zoo very close. We advertised for a nanny with a clean driving record and experience working in the Oakland hills and got many candidates who enjoyed working in this area. I’d recommend joining Nextdoor in your new neighborhood and looking for recommendations from other parents in addition to leveraging BPN. Good luck.

In the Facebook group Piedmont Families, people frequently post about their children have outgrown their need for a nanny.  Check out that group.