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Atchison Village is a cooperative housing village in Richmond, CA.  

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Atchison Village for two teachers + kids?

April 2015

Can anyone provide any information or reviews about the units and experience of living in Atchison Village in Richmond? It seems from the limited information available on the web that they are located in a higher crime and somewhat less desirable area of Richmond, but I know there are a lot of changes going on there, and that crime rates tend to be inflated when read about on the Internet (have lived safely in one of the 'less safe' areas of Oakland for many years). This investigation is part of my ongoing quest to find a sustainable way of life in the East Bay for two teachers with two kids!


I moved to AV in September 2013. It was probably one of the best and luckiest decisions I've ever made. I have a one-bedroom unit that costs me less than $700 a month, half of which goes to the AV Credit Union. I got lucky and have a corner lot, with extra windows, and landed in a wonderful courtyard of neighbors. We get along, take care of each other, share, etc.

Re crime: I moved from the El Cerrito hills, where I left my bike out for months and sometimes didn't lock my car. The Village is a lake of solvency in an ocean of poverty, as a friend says. I use a club on my car and am careful about locking up. So far, so good. The Richmond PD is on the case and comes right away if there are bad guys around.

AV abuts Liberty Village, which is poorer than us, with a lot of loose and neglected dogs. Some, and other strays, no doubt, wander into the Village. We've had two cats attacked by pits; one died.

Pt Richmond and its yuppie shops are nearby; we could really use a decent grocery store. Great police chief and good mayor.

AV is a singular place, lots of elders who don't want things to change. But it is indeed improving as we go greener. Prices have gone way up since I moved in... Elizabeth

Hi - I live in Atchison Village & have for 9 1/2 yrs. I have a 3 bdrm. corner house. I love living here, but I don't have kids. I'd say that it is a wonderful, undiscovered, affordable place to live, but unless you can drive your kids to a desirable school, I'd want to know the school they'd be going to. As teachers that you are, you're aware that low income areas are deprived of good schools. I live right across the street from the park & I see kids playing organized sports (mostly in the Spanish language) in the fields all the time Kids often use the playground too. Why don't you come to the village & drive around - hang about some. Yes, the area outside the village is not good at all, but in the village it seems sheltered & I've had absolutely no problem. I even removed the black bars on my windows. 1 mile uphill is Pt. Richmond & I walk to there a lot - through the tunnel is a park & a small rough & ready beach. Check it out. Go into the office & chat with the folk in the office too - ask questions. It is a community run, co-op type place. I really do like it. What you pay for in the monthly dues include water, garbage, property taxes & all the maintenance that is original to the building - i.e. roof, plumbing, electrical. Be sure to check out who your neighbors will be too.!!! anon

We were living in Berkeley, Near the Gourmet Ghetto, in a tiny shotgun apartment, and planning a large houseboat to be parked past Antioch, over the bridge, when a friend invited us to visit in AV (Atchison Village). That was 2002. We're very happy with the decision to buy an end unit, single bedroom apartment. The price? $50k! Why? Because it's a share coop. You buy the right to live in a particular unit, one of 450 in 162 buildings. EVERY unit has a ground level front and back entrance, front and back yard, and assigned parking close by. No garages, no front or side fences.

Think about it.

You see your neighbors, everyone can garden, plant a lawn, and impress and engage their neighbor. No sneaking around, tinted windows, radio-controlled garage doors, secrecy.

When you see your neighbors all the time, with their kids, groceries, walking pets, going to (voluntary) monthly meetings, potlucks, senior dinners, Christmas parties, etc, you have a much better social life, right from a solid base. Then, as you learn, you can partake of helpfulness, both ways, observation and gossip,

The people here are very diverse, in all the ways Berkeley people know so well. There's one BIG difference: we have very local governance. There ARE restrictions on density in the units, which is easy to figure: twice the bedrooms plus one, so three for one bedroom, five for two bedroom, seven for three bedroom. Dogs are limited, and the leash laws pretty tightly followed. Walking the dog is a great ice-breaker, of course, as is gardening in public.

There's a Wikipedia article. I wrote the original. There's a website for the village, (Not AtchEson, not AtchINSon, .org, not COM) where you can read the rules, check on units listed for sale with the Village, and read the monthly newsletter, the RIVETER. Or you can email, or visit. Lynda