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Options for short term health insurance

May 2013

We're moving across the country at the end of June and will have a 2-3 month span when we won't have health insurance. We have a two and half year old so going without doesn't seem like a sound option. We have Kaiser here and Cobra is expensive. Any other suggestions on short term coverage? E.

I'd get a high deductible plan to hold y'all over. If you know what insurance you will have after these 2-3 months, it seems easiest to get your plan from that company. You can get quotes online and it's actually not as daunting as it seems. Kaiser and Blue Shield are both pretty straightforward, I've never looked at other companies but I imagine it's similar. L

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Health coverage for 6 mos. for visiting parents?

May 2004

Hi there, My parents are coming to visit the United States. They will be staying with me for almost 6 months and they wanted to be covered Health wise in case of a major medical emergency. They don\x92t have any pre-established condition, but they are over 60 years old (60 and 64 to be exact). I\x92ve contacted all the major health insurance companies like Blue Cross, Keiser, etc\x85 but they all require a social security numbers (which, as turists my parents don't have) to provide insurance or a period of 3 month (sometimes 6 month) wait for coverage. And\x85 boy\x85 they are expensive! I ran out of options and I am hoping someone out there has a great idea or a reliable company that they could refer me to. Thanks in advance! Adriana

I work in the industry and there aren't that many short-term policies out there beyond what you described. I recently saw an analysis of short-term plans and you are basically looking at Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Health Net. Although there are notable plan variations between them in terms of deductibles, coinsurance, and prescription drugs, there are minimal premium differentials. You can also try going to,, or Those are three you can trust. Blue Shield is the overall leader in the short-term market, but Health Net relaunched its QuickNet plan and is trying to make headway. I am surprised you can't find anything that will cover the full six months - I would think most would cover that time period. The ss# issue - hmmm, that will be extremely difficult to get past. The last alternative I can think of is to treat your situation by looking for ''travel insurance'' coverage and do your research based on travel or tourist coverage. Good luck! Lily