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Moving back to Italy; when to cancel US insurance?

June 2006

I'm an Italian citizen with permanent residence status. I currently have health insurance coverage in the U.S., which I pay for ($300-400 per month). I am moving back to Italy and want to know how and when I will be legally covered in Italy. It is in my best financial interest to discontinue the expensive American health insurance plan ASAP after my return to Italian soil. How can I get reliable information about this? Any advice from fellow Italian citizens would be greatly appreciated. grazie mil

I am an Italian citizien living here in berkeley. obviously I have a private insurance and as for everybody I am constantly fighting to have my medical bill claim paid by the insurance which by the way is apparently one of the best (Blue shield of California, ppo). I would interrupt the USA coverage as soon as you go back in Italy. First, as you well know you don't need to be insured to be treated and second even if you will need in the future a private consult for which you will have to pay, I doubt your american insurance will accept to cover you. If you want to get a private insurance get an italian one that works on the territory. One of the last good resource left in our country is the avability for everyone of the medical coverage. let's enjoy till it will last!!!. have fun back home Cristiana

Health insurance for student's spouse arriving 4 months pregnant

Feb 2004

What available health insurance is there for spouse which has a green card (immigrant Visa status)? She is arriving 4th month pregnant; I understood insurance is difficult due to ''pre-existing conditions''. I understood there are some state-funded for the low-income (MediCal? Alameda alliance?), but it might be problematic for a new immigrant, esp. with existing pregnancy. I'm a PhD in UC Berkeley, with a US nationality, but their advisor offered no help at all. Thanks!! Ran

Dear Ran- As a UCB graduate student, you can purchase health insurance for your wife through University Health Services in the Tang Center: You should contact UHS Insurance to find out if any of the plans have restrictions for a pre-existing pregnancy: (510) 642-5700 Good luck and congratulations! Anon