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Seeking IEP consultant for high school level IEP Nov 13, 2019 (1 responses below)
Requesting a 504 Plan for 10th grader's reading difficulties Sep 8, 2017 (4 responses below)
Special Education Consultant or Lawyer for high schooler's IEP Feb 27, 2017 (1 responses below)
  • Searching for recommendations for an IEP consultant for high school level IEP that can help determine what services and supports are available for student. Student has had IEP since 3rd grade. Student was very successful in middle school with IEP. Consultant able to clarify what high school teachers and administrators can legally require of student. Familiarity with Contra Costa County high school districts will be very helpful. Thank You!

    I can recommend Carlo Rossi as a independent child advocate and IEP consultant with decades of experience. He knows the law inside and out; I know this because I took his legal class at SFSU. He's a smart, experienced, compassionate man. He is located in Sonoma county but consults all over the state.  You can contact him at 707-829-6690, crossi [at]

  • We're grateful to those of you who recommended the Ann Martin Center for an educational assessment for out 10th grade daughter who struggles with reading. We had a good experience there and received a diagnosis consistent with our daughter's self-reporting. Now we have to start the process of requesting a 504 Plan at the late stage of 10th grade. ANy advice appreciated. Also, we're seeking an Educational Therapist in the Albany area who can work with our daughter to improve her reading skills. We have the name of Kristen Hawkinson as a starter. Thanks!

    We absolutely love 

    Lise Narath M.S.Ed
    Reading Connection

    our son loves her too. She is in Albany. Good luck!

    Does your child go to Berkeley High? If so 2 things:

    1. BOLD is a parent led support group for parents for kids with LD. Started by some parents 5 years ago, it meets once a month (tonight actually) from 6:30-8:30 on usually the 2nd Monday of the month. There you will get lots of support and suggestions and help with this process. Open and free to all parents.

    2. If your child goes to BHS we may have some suggestions of how to get a 504 specific to BHS (It appears).

    You can email bhsboldcontact [at] & 1 of us will respond.

    good luck!

    I recommend requesting an IEP. 504 can be unilaterally changed by the school. There is a great Nolo self help book called something like 'The self help book on IEP's' Explains every step. I believe the school district needs to test the child also, besides the outside testing you received. Push and put pressure on the school district! I had to file a complaint withe the department of Education in Sacramento before all of a sudden we received everything my son had been needing so direly.

  • My son has an IEP and is making the transition to high school.  He attends public school in the east bay. We just had a very difficult triennial IEP and I would like to find an educational consultant who can help us find agreement with the district but who will also, frankly, help us get what we want, which is what our son needs. 

    I would appreciate any recommendations or pointers. 

      Our family can highly recommend Deborah Bloom educational consultant / advocate  in San Ramon.  She is highly regarded with a depth of  experience.  Her work with us and BUSD was instrumental in our child's receipt of FAPE and well being today.  She has a website to check out and give an informational call to:

    +1 (925) 820-5480

    Call DREDF - For their recommendation on how best to proceed. They will provide free counsel. They also have workshops
    3075 Adeline Street,
    Suite 210
    Berkeley, CA 94703
    510.644.2555 v

    Deborah Jacobsen is an education lawyer who  has helped many families and their children.  She will be part of the upcoming DREDF workshop on Solving School Disputes 3/18. 

    Best wishes to you.