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Thinking about relocating to Monterey

March 2006

My husband will be working in Monterey later this year and we are thinking about re-locating there with our infant instead of commuting. Can anyone send advice on the area in general, things to do there, services available (like the BPN?), and commuting to Monterey from nearby (and more affordable) areas. Thanks!
Moving to Monterey


We moved to Monterey from Oakland last August for my husband\x92s job. In general, we really like it. It doesn\x92t have the culture that the bay area offers, but it seems to us that it is a great place to raise kids. It has pretty good schools (depending on what part of the Monterey area you will be living in), great parks and beaches, and nice weather. It is a great place to be if you like doing things outdoors. A wonderful resource is \x91Parent\x92s Place\x92 in Pacific Grove. They offer \x91parent and me\x92 core classes where you meet once a week with the same group of people for two hours and do stuff with your kids. For the $50.00/quarter core class fee you also get to take free pre-natal yoga, post-natal yoga, baby massage, art classes with kids, gardening with kids, parenting classes, etc. (Some classes they charge extra for.) It is such a great place, I have met many friends there from a start of knowing nobody when we first moved down here. They also have an email list somewhat similar to the Berkeley Parents Network, albeit much smaller and it is a yahoo group email list. The Monterey Sports Center gym is also a great place. It is a really nice gym, with great classes and facilities, with daycare for $3.00 per hour (6mos and up). They also have a pre-natal fitness class and stroller-walk workouts.

A downside of living down here (for us anyway), are the crazy housing prices. At first when I found out we were moving here I thought, \x93Great! Now maybe we can finally buy a house since we are moving out of the bay area!\x94 Ha! I couldn\x92t have been more wrong. Housing prices are just as insane down here (if not more so). The best schools seem to be in Carmel, Pacific Grove, and Monterey, but to buy a half way decent 2 bedroom 1 bath house in any of those places it will be at least $800k (or 1.2 million in Carmel). In Seaside and Marina it would be $700k, and in Salinas it would be $600k. Salinas (or Gonzalas, or Prunevale, or similar) was the only place we could have maybe bought a house, but we wanted better schools so we are renting a tiny place (just like we were in the bay area).

I miss the bay area a lot, but Monterey is no so bad either. Like anything there are positives and negatives, but living here has mainly been positive for us. Best of luck with your move and maybe I will see you around Parent\x92s Place! anon