Moving to Maine

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July 2002

Well- this seems to be a more common posting on this list serve. My husband and I are actually entertaining the idea of moving out of the Bay Area to Portland, ME. Does anyone know anything about living in Maine?? Quality of life, ethnic diversity, most common jobs, liberal attitudes, etc. Of course, this goes without saying, we LOVE the Bay Area and are very sad to even think of leaving.

The only reason(s) we are considering this move are a) the costs of living and housing here are beginning to seem a bit out of our reach (we want to buy a modest size home without having to overbid $100k) and b) we want to live in an area where the PUBLIC schools are decent.

Of course, we want to find an area that has the wonderful qualities/diversity the Bay Area has to offer: the racial and ethnic diversity (we are a bi-racial couple and it goes without saying that acceptance of this - and our bi-racial child- is probably the MOST important deciding factor in where we would move to), the sense of community (I actually grew up in small town MA until I was a teen and remember how hard it was to be a newcomer to New England- it takes a long while to be accepted), the wonderful, organic, high quality grocery stores (like Berk Bowl, Andronicos and Whole Foods) and restaurants (where I was from in MA - burritos were consider exotic and hard to find!), (also: is it possible to be a vegetarian back east?), the educated and liberal attitudes and general feel that we, here in the Bay Area live outside of the mainstream.

Any input on what it would be like moving to small town New England after living 10+ years in the Bay Area would be appreciated! Thanks Anonymous and reluctantly undecided