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Neighborhoods in Hayward

Sept 2008

We are considering a move to Hayward to make a commute on the San Mateo bridge easier. I know that Hayward has some family friendly neighborhoods, some upscale neighborhoods as well as neighborhoods that have more crime than others. We are considering buying a house, but we're unsure of where to start looking for family-friendly neighborhoods. Any suggestions with general street/intersection references would be greatly appreciated. moving to Hayward

Hayward is divided into two parts. Fairview, located in Unincorporated Alameda county, East of Mission Blvd is still regarded as Hayward by the post office. Many of the homes up in the hills are affordable (by Berkeley standards) have fantastic views and large lots, some an acre or more. I lived in a neighborhood located near Lone Tree Cemetery for almost 30 years. The neighborhood is friendly, crime free and beautiful. The downsides are: You are somewhat isolated and must drive for everything; the summer weather is quite warm, warmer than Berkeley; the schools are not as good as they are in Berkeley/Albany. If I were moving back I'd choose the unincorporated area, but locate within the Castro Valley school district. John

Family with toddler moving to Hayward

July 2002

My husband, son and I are temporarily moving to Hayward. My son is 18 months old and I am expecting our second at the end of August. We were looking for toddler activities to do in the Hayward area (music classes, swimming etc. I am not very familiar with this area so any advice would be great. Thank you in advance for your help. Ritu

My favorite parks in Hayward are:

Kennedy Park On weekends they have rain rides, petting zoo, merri-go-round, snack bar. New play equipment and lot of grass to run around on.

Don Castro Man-made lagoon with a shallow beach, lifeguards, picnic areas, snack bar, free shade umbrellas, super clean; empty on weekdays. A hidden gem.

You also might try the Castro Valley Mothers Club. There is an Hayward Mothers Club that is a off-shoot, but a lot of Hayward moms belong to this club. Their web site also has a ''Things to Do'' section. Helena