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April 2010

Does anyone have any experience with Waters Edge in Alameda? I am hoping to encourage my mother to move closer to us and is slowing needing increased help with everything. thanks

My wife's grandmother stayed at Water's Edge, and I think the experience was quite a good one. The facility seemed well-run, there were lots of activities (she took a painting class), and the location (walking paths, access to the mall shops and restaurants) made it easy to have short excursions without having to get in the car and drive somewhere. This was several years ago, so I'm not sure if things have changed in the interim. Jeff

My husband's elderly aunt lived for several years at Water's Edge Lodge, in the 1990's, until she eventually moved to Oakland to be closer to us. She really enjoyed it there - she had an active social life, and would take long walks along the water and also along the golf course. They were really great when she had to have a hip replacement, moving her temporarily into a more accessible apartment, and then back into her apartment when she was able to get around better. If we lived closer to Alameda, she would still be there!

A dear woman at our church lived the last 2 1/2 years of her life at Waters Edge. I asked her daughter to write a response for you. Here's what she wrote:

''Waters Edge Association is wonderful because they have 3 types of care for seniors from Assisted living through to Convalescent care. The Waters Edge Assisted Living in Harbor Bay, Alameda is a wonderful caring place for seniors to live that are able to get around on their own. They have their own apartment. The staff make sure the seniors go to meals, assist with medication monitoring, clean their rooms once a week, change linens. The location is wonderful because it is located right next to the stores of Safeway and Longs and adjacent to the lagoon and near a park and Christian church. Many nice walking areas if the seniors are able. At this location you have to be mobile, no wheelchairs. They have onsite physical therapy.

The Elders Inn on Webster St. is part of the same association and takes persons who are in wheel chairs as an Assisted Living unit and they also have a separate Alzheimer's unit.

Then on Blanding St near the Park St bridge is Waters Edge Convalescent that cares for persons 24/7 that need total care.

My 90 year old Mother lived at Waters Edge Assisted Living for 2 1/2 yrs and loved everyday. Her dinner table mates had great conversations. As my Mother's health deteriorated she moved to Waters Edge Convalescent where she passed away with Hospice care. The staff in both locations were wonderful. They were very loving to her and took great care of her needs.''

I know from speaking with my elder friend that the move was a hard transition but one she knew she had to make. She left her home of 50+ (?) years to move to Waters Edge---her family moved a few pieces of furniture and all her family photos to hang on the wall. Good luck. Sally