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Virtual interior design Apr 2, 2020 (1 responses below)
House cleaner and COVID-19 Mar 15, 2020 (29 responses below)
  • Virtual interior design

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    My parents are hoping to redesign their living room around a few anchor pieces (family art and a grand piano). I’m looking for a designer who would work with them to design the space according to their specifications (eg price, ease of cleaning furniture since they have very young grandkids). Any suggestions for local people who are affordable and talented at designing attractive spaces that are pleasant to actually live in (not just photograph!)? Any experiences with national services like Modsy?

    RE: Virtual interior design ()

    I highly recommend Dee Cherix at Bleu Leman design. She is very talented, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. Her work has made a huge difference in my house! (making sheltering in place much more pleasant than it would have otherwise been!)

  • House cleaner and COVID-19

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    With social distancing, we are realizing we need to tell the cleaning lady not to come. 

    We are wondering what other people are doing in terms of their pay.

    I feel bad that they aren’t earning wages but with no end in sight and our business’ revenue being severely impacted, we can’t afford to keep paying the lady while she does not perform work. 

    I was thinking of letting her know that I will pay her   for one week and let her know that we will pause until the authorities state it is safe to engage in social interaction again.

     Looking forward to hearing how others are handling this. 

    RE: House cleaner and COVID-19 ()

    I intend to keep paying my housekeeper every week even though she is now prevented from leaving her home to work at my home.  My husband and I are both being paid while we work at home, and it doesn't seem fair to take away the housekeeper's pay when she has no other recourse.  She has bills to pay too. What is she going to do?

    I think all of us who can afford in-home services like housekeepers and nannies have a duty to keep paying them, especially if we ourselves are still being paid by our employers. If the fairness argument doesn't work for you, consider that a good housekeeper is hard to find, and if you cut her off now, you might not get her back after this is all over.

    RE: House cleaner and COVID-19 ()

    We’re cutting other more “frivolous” expenses before we get to the housekeeper. We’re going to pay her and not have her come for at least a month. After that we will revisit the decision but will try to continue paying her as long as we’re not going into debt.

    As much as this could hit our finances, we have an emergency fund and can “afford” it. Our housekeeper is a low wage gig worker who will be hurting much more than us without the income.

    RE: House cleaner and COVID-19 ()

    I am the original poster writing to clarify that I am self-employed and currently experiencing dramatic reduction in revenue and faced with the grim reality of running out of rainy day fund in 3 months and not being able to make mortgage payment. 

    I am kicking myself for deciding to start a business recently. I wish I had the protection of continued payment from an employer or unemployment benefits.