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  • Hip Bursitis

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    Hello, I'm looking for and advice/recommendations to relieve hip pain. I got a cortisone shot two years in a row a few years back and that provided great relief. However, Kaiser said they would not continue that treatment because of risks involved, and instead had me pay $7000 for an MRI after which they told me they cannot help me further.

    Are there any alternative treatments or exercises I should try? I'm 56 years old and relatively fit. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

    Just out of curiosity, are you taking statins? I was taking statins to reduce cholesterol and ended up with hip joint pain. Tried 3 different types of statins, to no avail. If you are taking statins, you might want to talk with your primary about taking a break to see if your hip improves.

    I literally feel your pain! I am 55 years old and relatively fit. I began having chronic hip bursitis after being on bed rest for six weeks with each of my two pregnancies oh so many years ago. At one point, I could not bear weight on my left side upon waking in the morning until after I spent a long time stretching. I, too, had two cortisone shots that provided relief for a while. 

    Here's what works for me to manage the hip bursitis long term.

    1. I worked with an excellent physical therapist to develop a daily exercise (stretching and strengthening) routine that is sustainable for me on a long-term basis. This was prescribed by my doctor and covered by my insurance. You can also look online for specific exercises for hip bursitis, although you won't have the benefit of targeted support including adjustment, massage, and ice/electric current therapy.

    2. I maintain the above exercise routine, backing off a bit when I'm feeling good, ramping up a bit when the bursitis is bothering me.

    3. I stay active, mostly through walking, hiking, and yoga. I work something into almost every day. I find alignment based vinyasa yoga particularly helpful. Glo is an app with very knowledgeable teachers and high-quality teaching—a godsend to me during this time of pandemic. If you are not familiar with yoga, a knowledgeable teacher with whom you connect is essential to building a safe and sustainable practice.

    4. When the pain flares up, I use Tiger Balm salve and patches to get me through the day/night.

    I hope that helps. My experience is that my pain is not going to go away, but it is highly treatable and manageable.

    You can ask your doctor to refer you to an acupuncturist.   Kaiser will do that.   I asked for one when my IT band was inflamed.  My co-pay was $20.   but look into your possible co-pays.  Anyway, it can't hurt to get acupuncture. 

    good luck.  sounds painful. 

    My mom (76) has hip bursitis and was prescribed physical therapy for it a few years ago, and she's been amazed at how much it helped her. She continues to do the exercises at home and finds that if she lapses then she suffers for it, but as long as she keeps up her stretches/exercises, she does OK. So, please get a referral to physical therapy! If it can help her, I'm sure it can help you!

    If you want a free option, look up hip bursitis exercises and education on Youtube. I've had hip pain for years and have seen many physical therapists. They were helpful, but I've also been able to find similar info on Youtube.