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  • Track team for 10 year old?

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    My son, nearing the end of fourth grade, is interested in running track. Any teams/programs that people recommend?

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9-year-old wants to run track

June 2008

My 9-year-old daughter has been asking me about running track, but her school (and school district--West Contra Costa County) doesn't offer any PE at all, let alone track. She is in a local soccer league (El Cerrito), but wants to focus on running and jumping. A nearby Catholic school offers track, but we are not Catholic. Anyone know of anything close we can steer her into?
Mother of girl who loves to run

Hi -- I have a 9 year old daughter as well, who LOVES running and soccer! Your daughter is welcome to run on the ''Catholic'' team -- actually, a group called CYO. It is Catholic Youth Organization, but it is open to ALL kids, regardless of religious affiliation. You are able to sign up your child with the parish that is considered your ''Home'' parish (i.e. usually the Catholic parish closest to you). It is an organization that has been around for eons and they also do basketball, cross country and volleyball, at least. We have been pleased with the program and she really loves it. I would just contact your closest Catholic parish and ask for info. Good luck!
Daughter who runs

Track Team for 13-year-old girl

March 2006

I'm looking for a track team for my 13 year old girl; she goes to a small private school with limited sports opportunities. Am wondering if any middle schools in Berkeley/El Cerrito area accept outside students on track or other sports teams?

My 13 yr old daughter runs for CYO (Catholic Youth Organization). The organization is well established and offers kids from early grade school through 8th grade the training and opportuntiy to run competitively in meets most every week-end from middle March to beginning of June. They finish with a big meet at Diable Valley College. We are not Catholic and it is not required to be associated with the church in any way. You do have to join the team of your local parish if they have a team. If they don't you can join one close to your daughter's school. To find your local Catholic church look in the phone book. Catherine