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Looking for early morning running group in Oakland

Jan 2015

I am looking for an early morning running group in Oakland. I am not a good runner and need motivation. I've made up my mind to run a 10K this year and need an extra push for sure. Any recs for groups or clubs? I'm not so fast either.

Needing motivation

If you're near Oakland, try LMJS (Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders). They hold a monthly race around the Lake for 5k, 10k, and 15k distances. It's very informal but it attracts runners, joggers, and walkers from all over the East Bay. They also hold other annual races like the Tilden Ten, participate in the Lake Tahoe relay, and also do Fun Runs which are not competitive. Anyway, it's really easy to find a group to run with once you start participating or you can volunteer to help with the monthly races to get to know the club and members more, and the regulars are nice about introducing you to everyone. Also, they have some amazing older veteran runners who are chock full of advice. My experience was about seven years ago before I moved out of the area though. I'm back in Oakland now but have young kids so I'm not running alas. Anyway, they are easy to Google and get more info for, your should check them out!
~Missing that runner's high

Running group for slow runner

June 2011

I am a mother of two and came to Berkeley from Ann Arbor, MI for a summer fellowship. I am looking for a recommendation for a running group (or even just one or more women to run with to prepare for a 10k.) I'm slow (11-min miles!) but enjoy running anyway. I just took up running 6 mos. ago, but have completed one 5-k and one 10k. Having someone to run with makes it enjoyable and keeps me going--hope to find a few other like-minded runners! Suzy

Hi, try out WOW, coached by Stephanie Atwood. It is a very congenial group with female runners/joggers/walkers of all ages and fitness (OK, most are over 30). She has groups meeting in SF, Oakland, Berkeley, Mill Valley. She has a newsletter, drop in fees or membership fees. Plus, it is fun to do a race with some other women. I did my first half marathon inspired by my training with her group. coco

Running--How to Find Beginners Group Upcoming Race

Nov 2010

I am a newish runner in the Berkeley flatlands looking to find others for encouragement--either a group, cheap class, or a few people interested in maybe a beginners 'long run' on the weekends (I'm talking maybe a 'long run' of 3 miles and veeery sloowly working our way up!). Am also trying to figure out where to look for local listings of upcoming turkey trots or other 5K/10K/maybe someday 1/2 marathon races.

40ish and slowly fitter

I am part of a very nice group of ladies who walk, run/walk, jog, and at least some of us do events. They will be at the Berkeley Marina at 8a near Sea Breeze Market on Saturday the 21st. Otherwise, google WOW running group or email Stephanie [at] She is our wonderful coach. It is a very supportive nice group. The WOW group meets around the East Bay on SUNDAY mornings at 8a and the next one is the 21st at the Berkeley Marina. They also meet at 7p on Wednesday nights at the Piedmont Track. coco

Welcome to the world of running! I just wanted to mention that I saw that at the Bay Street Mall in Emeryville there is a Nike Running store and they have a casual running group that I think meets daily at 8:30am. All levels from beginning to training for races welcome. Might be worth checking out.

As for races, I know Oakland has a turkey trot, there is a monthly 5k (I think) race around lake merritt, and see Jane Run sponsors a 5k/ half marathon in June in Alameda. I'm not sure how my friends find out about all these races, but they seem to travel by word of mouth in my group of running moms (most of whom I meet through stroller strides). Google might be a good option - or give that Nike Running store or See Jane Run a call and see what they recommend. Good luck! running mama

I didn't respond last week, because I figured so many would direct you to Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders, but no one did! LMJS has everything you're looking for. There's a beginning running group that's starting 11/27 (if you get this after that date, just e-mail, because they may be able to accommodate you). There are regular weekly runs, and a monthly race around Lake Merritt that costs all of five dollars, three dollars if you join LMJS -- a bargain! The races are super-friendly and low key. You can sign up that morning, and bring the kids because before the adult races start (there's a 5k and 10k every month, and a 15k every other month, 1, 2, or 3 times around Lake Merritt), there are free kid races. A 100-ish yard dash for the little ones, and a 1k race for the bigger kids, with ribbons and snacks for all. The website has tons more info. It's a great organization; I hope you'll join us! Anne

Running group during the week?

June 2008

Hi, I'm running the San Francisco Half Marathon and would like to run with a running club/group for extra trainng support. The few that I've found only meet on weekend mornings, when I'm at work. Can anyone recommend a running group that meets during the week - evening or mornings? Thanks! First time half marathoner

Try or Not sure if either offers weekday runs, but it's worth a try. Good luck! running mom

Transports has weeknight running groups for all levels. Solano Ave - thursday nights College Ave - ?? See Jane Run used to have a running group, not sure if they still do or when it meets. Never been, but heard...

Transsports offers weekday running clubs - I believe there's a Wednesday trail run and a Thursday evening run. Go to for information - I believe you can just show up on Thursdays by 6:30 at the Solano Ave. store, but I think you have to sign up for the Wednesday night runs.

Experience with See Jane Run or other groups?

March 2008

I am looking for a running group/partner and saw that See Jane Run has a training program. Has anyone had any experience with them? Or do you know of any other women's running groups? new to race training

I currently run with See Jane Run. The group's OK, but I think there are others that are just as good, if not better and cheaper. My main beef is that it's too expensive for what they provide - $99 for 1/2 a season, one training run per week. This session started mid-February and goes through to (I think) the end of May. This means $200 to train through for an end of year race like the Nike 1/2 or full marathon. If you want interval or hill training it's an extra $150ish for each. Sometimes extra morning runs come up ad-hoc for those that can make it - hard to do on short notice if you have kids.

Runs are done early Saturday mornings, rotating through East Bay, SF, and North Bay. They provide water, route maps, and cones as mile markers. Routes are planned for novice and intermediate/ advanced runners. Coaches are available for advice, as are running mentors. The mentors I have seen have completed marathons in the past but are starting almost from scratch in their training so make it all seem very achievable - and are not scrawny, leggy, ra-ra types. The whole group is quite diverse.

The training program is nothing special - you can get something similar from any running book, or free online. The discounts for races are not significant ($2 on the Emerald across the Bay). So far what I've gotten out of it is that it gets me out of bed for a long run on a Saturday morning, which I otherwise might not do, and I've learned some new running routes. Oh, and you do get a technical t-shirt.

I guess it's good for someone aiming for a particular race - probably 1/2 marathon or shorter. I think the price precludes long term membership for many people. still running

I just started running with a new women's running group called Ask About Running. Several of the women trained previously with a See Jane Run group. We meet on Sundays at 9 a.m. in the East Bay and there's also a group that meets at 1 p.m. in San Francisco. It's very casual -- some women walk, some run, some are training for events, some are not. You can check out the group's blog at You can join at various prices listed in the blog, though so far I have been paying weekly, which is $6. This weekend (March 22) we are meeting on Saturday instead of Sunday because of Easter. All of the information is on the blog, or you can email me. Come join us -- it's fun! Noel

I did See Jane last year and it worked great for me as a pretty new runnner - but the season was much longer and less money last year. Our see jane coach broke off and is doing her own running club now and there is an east bay run/walk group which is GREAT for me as all Sunday AM runs are in the east bay check it out at sandra

Looking for a group to run/exercise with

Jan 2005

I'm looking for some sort of fitness support in the way of an organization whose members arrange training together. I was a formerly fit human who ran, biked, swam, hiked, rockclimbed...and then sustained some injuries and had children, and never found a way to integrate it all back together again. Well my injuries are abated and I've been working out by myself and really need to find others to train with. I have modest aspirations so nothing too competitive, or at least a group with a less competitive branch. A self sustaining group would be ideal. I'm not particularly interested in boot camp, as I'd prefer to find mutually motivated and knowledgeable people for workouts. Also, I live in Oakland so a proximal radius is preferable.

Have you looked into See Jane Run's College Ave) training program? They are actually running a training for their triathlon right now. Additionally, Transition Sports on Piedmont Ave. has a running team that includes track workouts. There are runners at all levels in these groups. Good luck! Anna

i joined team-in-training which is the largest endurance event training group. it raises money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. you could join the walkers, runners, cyclists, and/or triathletes and train for a half-marathon, marathon, century ride or triathlon. the coaches are great. they have lots of experience with a wide variety of athletes (beginner to pro) and the schedules are proven to work. it's very rewarding and fun. first time marathon finisher