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December 2004

Berkeley Youth Lacrosse Club has both Boys and Girls teams grades 3rd through 8th and is open to everyone. New and experienced players are all welcome. Spring season begins in February and ends in mid-June. Practices are after school and games are on weekends. Scholarships are available for fees and equipment. Lacrosse is a great game to play! Come try it out. Contact: Amy Lowe (510) 381-7350 or visit our website at . Email: alowe AT

October 2002

The Berkeley Lacrosse Club is now recruiting players for pups and juniors lacrosse club teams. Fifth and sixth graders are eligible to play our the pups level team, and seventh and eighth graders are eligible to play our the juniors level team. We presently have coed teams for both the juniors and the pups level of play. Lacrosse is a spring sport -- the season starts in February and runs until late May or early July. Teams practice after school three days a week at the Berkeley Adult School (on University Avenue) and the games are usually on Sundays. Club fees for the pups are $175.00; club fees for the juniors are $275.00. Scholarships are available and equipment is provided free of charge to all entry level pups players.

This is a terrific sport and our players really have a great time. These are not select teams and we welcome any player who is interested in lacrosse -- with or without previous experience. Please contact our club registrar jessica AT for more information and registration forms.

March 2001

Can anyone recommend a camp or teacher for a sixth-grader who wants to learn lacrosse? Julie

reply to person asking about Lacrosse camp. St Mary's in Moraga has a good (hot) summer camp my daughter went to a few years ago. It was for boys (she was the only girl). It was overnight- I think for 2 weeks. Karen

Check out the Skyline (Oakland) Lacrosse Club website at: Jeff

There is a junior lacrosse team for middle schoolers in Berkeley, and many of the kids go on to play lacrosse at Berkeley High and other clubs/schools. For information contact Rick Faszholz 525-5789 or Peter Flessel 559-8834.

Strawberry Canyon summer program always has lacrosse classes - my son helped teach them last year and will be back this year! see

There is an indoor lacrosse facility in Alameda - they may have classes - see

There is a Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association see

The US Lacrosse website also lists summer lacrosse camps in California


April 2001

Here's a list of summer camps from BHS lacrosse coach Jon Rubin.

  • Princeton Tiger Lacrosse camp- $275- Day camp, at Marin academy, June 18-21, call 415-642-9350
  • Nike Lax Camp -$270- day camp, June 18-22, at Tamalpias High School, Mill Valley, call-1800nikecamp
  • Nike Lax camp-$535- Overnight,(2 different sessions) july 28-August 1 or August 1-5, at RLS high school pebble beach, call-1800nikecamp
  • West Coast Lacrosse Camp-$425- Overnight, June 23-27, at sonoma state university,
  • Great Western Lax camp- $400- Overnight, at San diego University, aug 1-5, call 415-897-8773
  • Stanford Lacrosse camp- $460- Overnight, at Stanford University, July 8-12, call Mark Lipscomb at 408-567-2490
  • Chico state lacrosse camp-$450- Overnight, at Chico State, Aug 7-11, call Steve Dini-530-891-6315