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Weight Watchers for older teen daughter?

April 2010

My 19-year-old daughter is finally ready and willing to take charge of a weight and fitness issue that has plagued her since middle school. She has decided to make the most of the long summer-break at home and she wants to join Weight Watchers as soon as she comes home from college next month. I have never seen her so ready to be in charge and to make a change on her own and I want to support her as much as possible; I know from past personal experience that WW works really well, but I also remember that all leaders and all groups are not equally motivating. I'd love to hear about specific recommendations from Parents of Teens, especially if anyone knows of a group where my daughter won't be the only ''old'' teenager or young adult present. We live in Berkeley but she can drive to other locations around the East Bay. Hopeful

Weight Watchers in El Cerrito Plaza on Saturday mornings has sessions where I have seen other teens with and without a parent. The leader, Kathy, is ''cool'', funny, down to earth, and a good match for teens who might be more self-conscious than older members. Highly recommended. a WW member

I love Cathy's WW group at the El Cerrito Plaza. The Sat 8:30am meeting is quite full & there is a lot of member participation. I've seen a few young adults but most of the folks who attend are much older than your daughter. Cathy has a great sense of humor, is very humble & real & keeps things lively. Kudos to your daughter & all the best on her journey to a healthy weight. WW regular

Inspirational Weight Watchers Meeting?

Jan 2009

Is there a really good Weight Watchers meeting nearby with an exceptional leader or team of leaders? Looking ideally for Berk, Albany, El Cerrito location. Many Thanks

A few years ago, a woman named Beverly would lead great WW meetings at the El Cerrito Plaza location. I believe her meeting time was around 5:30 on Thursdays. Check her out. She had a big following becaus she was so good. Andi

I highly recommend Tina at the Pinole Weight Watchers. You can check the WW website for the meetings she leads. I know she leads 2 meetings on Saturday mornings. Tina motivates me and I like how she involves everyone in the meetings. WW member

I would highly recommend going to one of Elena's meetings at the El Cerrito Weight Watchers. She leads two meetings on Friday morning (9:00 and 10:30), but the early one tends to be very crowded, so I usually go to the 10:30, which is a more manageable size. I've had a few leaders over the past year--and if you've been to a few yourself, you know that the quality of the leaders is all over the map--but as far as I'm concerned Elena is really the best, and most members I've talked to agree. She is sharp, focused, gives very helpful and useful practical advice on meal preparation, fitness, and hunger management, not to mention she is charming and an excellent speaker--and yes, very inspirational, but not in an ''Oprahish'' sort of way. I look forward to her meetings every Friday, and I've lost more weight with her as leader than with any others I've attended. Good luck! anon

I like Cathy's Sat meeting at the El Cerrito Plaza. I go at 8:30 & it's usually well attended. I think there is an earlier & later meeting on Sat, too. Come check it out! Weight Watcher also

Weight Watchers at Grand Ave, Oakland

Nov 2005

I am getting back into Weight Watchers after my second child and some unhealthy habits ;). Does anyone attend meetings at the Grand Ave location and really like their leader/meeting? I find that a good leader can make all the difference. Thanks

I've been attending meetings at the Weight Watchers on Grand and without reservation recommend Susan, who leads the Sunday morning meetings. I believe she also leads the Monday evening meetings, although not quite sure. She's fantastic. Very intelligent, very charismatic, and she's really committed to each client. If I miss a few meetings, I'll get a call from her. I think she's just great (and I've lost 15 pounds!). Good luck and try out a Sunday morning meeting.-susan susan

Hi I can't vouch for any of the leaders at the Grand Ave. meetings but I can say that Leslie at the Alameda site on Sundays is really great. Very energetic and gets the crowd involved. I try to make the meetings but have been sick for the past two weeks and in that time, felt like quitting. But when I went this past Sunday, I knew I could go on because of how Leslie was so enthusiastic about everything. I can't really express how and why but she keeps me going toward my goal. (I, too, have joined after my second baby) Meetings are at 9 am and on Webster Street. I would love to have buddy too since I'm doing this with none of my mom friends. loretta

I appreciate your concern about the group leader. The experience and motivation are very much influenced for me by the quality of the leader. I have been attending the Saturday 10:00 or 11:30AM meetings (arrive 30 minutes earlier for weigh-in), when Ann is the group leader. In my opinion, she has a very strong, positive, humorous approach and creates an atmosphere condusive to self-acceptance and learning. Also, she tries to create a community among the members, which is important to me. According to the schedule, she leads Friday at 8:30AM, too. anon

Susan (sorry, don't know her last name) is the best leader at WW, in my opinion. She leads Monday evenings and several other times as well. Many of the leaders there are good, but Susan is the best. I haven't lost all the weight I hoped for yet, but WW Oakland has been very helpful and supportive in my journey so far (and I have dropped almost 20 lbs!) WW fan

I have done weight watchers on Grand for over 2 years, and am now lifetime. My favorite group leader is Sharon (not sure of her last name). She runs the Wednesday 9 AM meeting along with I think one or two others. I found she provided great support. The other leaders on Grand that I have attended are also good, but Sharon is extra-speciial Down 68 pounds

Looking for a WW or Overeaters Anon or etc.

May 2005

Can anyone recommend a Weight Watchers (or Overeaters Anon, or other...) meeting in Berkeley or N. Oakland? Best would be between N. Berkeley (Solano Ave) & Rockridge, including the UC campus. I checked the WW website for locations, but they don't list all the locations--I know there's one in Albany, but they don't have that one listed. How can I find more meeting places & schedules (weekdays)? Kid-friendly would be good too, or at least not kid-hostile; I'll have my infant and preschooler with me. Thanks for any recommendations. Need Motivation & Support!

You will probably get a lot of this, but they moved the Albany classes (they rented the hall there) to the El Cerrito Plaza. There are tons of classes there now. I really like the WW, they have classes all the time, and they are pretty supportive. Look at ww.com, find a meeting, and type in El Cerrito. I am not sure where else they have classes, they have been trying to get all classes in one area for a while. There are noon time classes at the UC, though. good luck

For the mom looking for a Weight Watchers meeting -- the WW website is correct and there are two main meeting places in the East Bay. One is in the Grand Lake area, the other is at El Cerrito Plaza. Check the website again for days and times. The Albany meeting no longer exists. I've been going to the El Cerrito meeting for a few months and like it a lot. However, it is just not easy to bring kids. A few moms bring infants. I brought my two year old a few weeks ago and although there are toys and books there, it was impossible to sit through the meeting with her. But, hey, that's my kid -- your may be different. You can also do WW online -- a few of my friends with little time have been doing that successfully. But I do think the group experience is what makes WW work. Good luck! another Weight Watcher anon

There is a child-friendly Overeater's Anonymous meeting on Fridays at 1:30 p.m. at the Northbrae Community Church on the Alameda, just past Solano. Details on all East Bay OA meetings are at http://www.oaeastbay.org/Meetings.html I lost a bunch of weight with Weight Watcher's, gained it all back, then found OA and began to solve the true problems behind why I ate. Added bonus: OA meetings are free! Anonymous

I believe there is a WW meeting Fridays at noon in El Cerrito Plaza, right across from Gymboree, upsstairs from the GNC store. I say ''I believe'' because it was recommended to me, but I haven't made it there yet :-) Meg

I have been a Weight Watchers member for about 3 years and have gone to meetings in North Berkeley and in Oakland. It was a while ago, but Saturday meetings in N. Berkeley were always full of kids and no one seemed to have a problem. Meetings used to be in the Community Center on Solano Ave but have moved to El Cerrito Center in El Cerrito plaza {maybe this is the Albany meeting you are referring to?}. I have not attended Saturday meetings at the new center, but you can always ask one of the leaders which meetings are best for bringing children. {most of the leaders love children and are super nice, so I don't think that you will have any problems} I did attend Tuesday lunch time meetings at the center when my son was an infant and no one minded. When he started to fuss I just walked him around in the back. I currently go to meetings on Grand Ave. on the weekend and this place does not seem as kid friendly.

As for meeting locations, I think that the website is pretty accurate. If you are looking for other meetings, it might be easiest to stop by one of the locations listed on the site and ask for a schdule.

Good luck with your weight loss - Weight Watchers has been a great program for me and I hope that you find a meeting that works for you! WW believer

WW used to meet at the Albany Community Center but it's back at the El Cerrito Plaza, upstairs. Take the elevator or stairs, and follow the signs. It has meetings nearly every morning of the week and Saturday mornings, I believe. peg

Weight Watchers meeting on UC Berkeley campus

Jan 2005

Hi, my last child is about to turn one and I am ready to lose those extra pounds for good. I was thinking about Weight Watchers, but according to their website, the only meetings are in El Cerrito or Oakland. I was hoping there might be a WW meeting on the Berkeley campus somewhere. I work at Cal and would love a lunch time meeting. Does anyone know of such a weight watchers meeting for Cal employees or anywhere at least close to campus? If not, does anyone know if it is possible to start a WW meeting on campus?

There is a Weight Watchers group at Berkeley Lab. Lab Employee

Yes! We currently have one Weight Watchers group meeting on the campus and several others who, at one point, could not get enough people together to meet the minimum but would like to try again. The current meeting is:

Dwinelle Hall 9 Dwinelle Hall, #2535 Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30 leader: Linda Ellinwood contact Melissa Alvarez cost: $143.40 for 12 week series (or 3 checks for $47.80 deposited roughly 1 month apart)

this week (1/26) is week 9 of the series and you are welcome to join - we even encourage you to come and sit through the first meeting if you are not sure you want to join. You would pay for the remaining 4 weeks, then renew with the rest of the group for the next 12-week series. If you would like to try to start another group, feel free to contact me! Melissa

Weight Watchers - does it work?

Jan. 2003

I am looking for feedback on local Weight Watchers programs. Specifically Oakland or Berkeley. I don't have much to lose (10-15lbs) and know I eat too much of the wrong things and I know what I should do: eat less and exercise more. I feel I know a lot about nutrition and how to lose weight but just can't seem to find the willpower to accomplish it. That said, would Weight Watchers help me? Do you have anything to say about the meetings and/or program in general? All input is appreciated.

I participated in a Weight Watchers at work program at UC Berkeley and found it helpful, though I, like you, ''know'' exactly how to lose weight. The key for me was the input from other members of the group, in particular those who had already lost all or most of the weight they wanted and were on maintenance. The presence of these people and hearing their experiences was a huge source of encouragement and information for me. There were in facts things I could still learn, and I personally needed inspiration. In fact I still think about the people from the WW group when I need encouragement. As it turned out, I lost fifteen pounds while in the group, but then I dropped out because of cost (I think Weight Watchers is rather expensive) and vacation time, which torpedoed my plan. BUT later I started a weight loss plan on my own in which I combined things I had learned at Weight Watchers with a firm (nay, fanatical) commitment to exercise. I lost thirty pounds and have kept it off for a half-year so far. But it is more important that I am in my best physical shape since puberty. I just cut my calories back to around 1700 or so (with a big emphasis on cutting fat) and joined the Y, where I work out on cardio machines and/or lift weights every day (except for the days I run outside). It took me about seven months to lose thirty pounds, but it has stayed off. I have come to believe that exercise is the key, for me at least. It is hard to overcome the sense that you are somehow stealing time from the family by making the commitment to daily exercise, but I believe that our good health is in the best interests of our families. So I go ahead and ''steal'' that time.

If you are put off (as I was) by the cost and/or corporate image of WW, you could perhaps achieve the same goals by attending a TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) meeting, or signing up with the body conditioning plan at the Y that deals specifically with weight control (the Albany Y has one). I believe TOPS has a website with locations and meeting times.

Good luck! You can do it! formerly unhappy with my frame

Hi - I just started weightwatchers myself and i have about 15lbs to lose. I do not attend any meetings - I had a friend who is a member just buy me the 'points books' and i track what i eat. It is a lot of recordkeeping - keeping track of everything that goes in your mouth, assigning points then adding the total points for the day. My point range is 18-23 a day. You can eat whatever you want, you just need to make sure your points don't go over your daily recommended total.

That said, I really like the program. What I've found is I lean towards foods with less points and 'save' my points for items i crave - like chocolate. I've also found that the point system really focuses on a balanced diet - sugar, dairy and carb food products obviously have more points. Vegetables and fruit have less points, so you eat more of those. I've modified my eating patterns and have cut out peanut butter & ice cream (*sigh*), i've cut down on carbs (breads and pastas) and generally eat healthier.

Its really about choices. I have my high points days and I just cut back the next day. Exercising also gives you 'point credits' so if you go on a 1 hour hike, you can have a few more food points that day.

As you can see it is all based on points and recordkeeping. It has worked for me but may not be for everyone. I don't have a scale, but I have dropped one size, so it seems to be working. Good Luck! Julie

Second hand feedback is that it is very helpful. The meetings are supportive, and going in weekly or bi-weekly is very motivating. They also have a program so that you can pay per meeting, but you have to go to one a month. I know four people who have seriously done it, and all lost significant weight, seemingly without pain. kean

I have used the WW groups in Albany and have found them to be extremely helpful. They have lots of different meeting times at the community center. You may want to check out a couple to find a group leader that you like. Like you, I went there with only about 15 pounds to lose and have lost 13 already. It's a nutritionally sound, livable program that I highly recommend. anon.

I think Weight Watchers is terrific. I lost about 40-50 lb. through WW, most of which I kept off until I got pregnant 5 months ago. The great thing about WW is that there's no gimmick. It's a healthy and balanced program, which reacquainted me with realistic portions, and it's a way of eating that you can continue forever. You're not cutting out one category of food altogether, or taking medication, or any other fad that's unsustainable in the long run. The meetings are kind of hokey, but I enjoyed them, and found that if I did not go to the meetings and pay for them, I did not lose weight. I also got lots of food ideas from the meetings. Some people have success with the ''Weight Watchers at Home'' program, which you can do online. That wouldn't work for me, but maybe you have the discipline for it. Overall, I think WW is fabulous and I plan to return as soon as this baby is born! :) WW Fan

I highly recommend Weight Watchers, especially the groups that meet at the Albany community center -- there are several on different days. And you can get some information and read bulletin boards on their (kinda corporate :-( web site. I have been a member since last summer and have successfully taken off my pregnancy weight, yay! (now on to the rest! :-) Flexibility is the key to why this program works so don't expect to get an instant complete education on extremely healthy eating or any particular enforcement to eat a certain way -- you can still lose weight eating junk as long as you watch amounts. But if you give it time, you will pick up great tips about diet and exercise that will certainly enhance your health. Unless you can do deprivation diets, you tend to learn that healthy food (unprocessed, whole grain, veggies, etc) fills you up and satisfies you better anyway, and will come to be your first choice in the future. The support from the meetings is fabulous and going to them is statistically an indicator of success as well. Good luck! Losing slowly and safely

I am a lifetime member of WeightWatchers, having lost 18 pounds to achieve the category of ''Lifetime''. I stopped going to meetings about 2 years ago, and just rejoined the other day. I think that the WeightWatcher plan is an excellent one: everything you need to track your food intake is in one book that is easy to carry with you. The meetings can be very helpful as other members offer ideas, recipes, support and the leader of the meeting fine tunes your knowledge of the basic program. I have also attended OA meetings (Overeaters Anonymous) and find that they have often helped me with the more emotional side of eating issues. You can find them in the white pages of the phone book, or call Alcoholics Anonymous and get their number. Good luck to you! A Friend

I love Weight Watchers. The program is flexible, realistic, and it works. It is also reasonably priced, so you could always try it for a few weeks to see what you think. Locally, I have attended meetings at the Albany Community Center. They were pretty large and impersonal, but both of the leaders I experienced there were good. I've opted to do Weight Watchers Online and it is working well for me. I don't get the support of being in a room of people who share my experience, but I actually find it easier to stick to the program because I check in daily on my computer. When I was going to meetings sometimes I would ''forget'' about WW as soon as I left the meeting. Good luck! 20 pounds lighter

I recently decided to try weight watchers because I too know the right way to eat but often choose not to follow it, and I sure would like it if my lovely old clothes fit better. So far I have found it to provide just the right sort of structure and incentive for me. For one thing, according to WW, I don't need to lose weight, so this is my choice alone. For another, they stress that you shouldn't deprive yourself. What seems to work best for me is to be conscientious about writing down what I eat, at least for a while, and I've decided it's worth paying the money and putting up with the somewhat hokey messages to learn this lesson. One important factor: if it weren't so convenient (it's very near my office) I probably wouldn't have tried it. anonymous

I tried Weight Watchers twice, once after the birth of my first child (lost 15 lbs.) and once after the birth of my second child (wasn't motivated at all, and quit after one week). You say motivation is an issue for you, and I found out the 2nd time that I wasn't motivated enough to go to the meetings, let alone stay on the plan the 6 days between meetings.

I recently clicked on a link for eDiets, on a whim. I joined the week before Christmas, and have lost 10 pounds. Like WW, it's a combined plan of sensible diet, drinking lots of water, and moderate exercise. But what sets it apart is the support--24/7, all on-line, with over 100 different ''chat room'' type support groups to join or just read, for constant support. There are also easily accessible professionals-- doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, etc. who are available 24/7 to all members.

I highly recommend it. Oh, and then there're the meal plans, exercise plans, menus, recipes, shopping lists... It's about the same price as Weight Watchers too. Good luck with whatever decision you make! Heidi

Wow, I could have written your letter word for word (except I got to Albany WW.) In an effort to finally get rid of my ''baby weight'' and needing some motivation I went. I find it extremely helpful. Not so much, as you point out, for learning how to eat right, but for getting yourself back onto that path. It really forced me to get back into shape too by working out more which I had been feeling too tired for. I find the meetings are helpful and keep my eye on the ball and with WW help, I have only 2.5 lbs to go after just 7 weeks. I think knowing I will be weighed at the end of the week and my progress recorded has been a great motivator for me to eat right. . . just till after I get weighed. Then I usually have one ''bad'' day and begin eating well again. Their program is also not restrictive so for chocoholics like me, I save points and still have my snacks which I need. I recommend this program highly even for the knowledgeable. BTW my parents have come and want to join now and 2 women from my mom's group have started going after they have seen my happiness and good results . Knowledgeable and WW fan

I've had huge success with Weight Watchers in losing my ''baby weight''. I lost 15 lbs. on my own, and then reached a plateau, but with Weight Watchers I've lost another 19 lbs. in about 3 months--a realistic 1-2 lbs. a week. The program is sensible and encourages eating lots of fiber, fruit, and vegetables. I find that ''points'' are easier to keep track of than calories, and there is a psychological bonus to the fact that some foods (mostly vegetables) have a zero point rating. A lot may depend on your meeting ''leader''--I really like Beverly, who leads some meetings in Pinole and some in Albany (at the community center). She is a good public speaker, is motivational, and is very helpful in emphasizing constructive behaviors and helping you rethink negative behaviors/attitudes. I find the $9-10 a week cost to be reasonable, although I don't tend to purchase the W.W. products. There is just something about attending a meeting every week and weighing in, that is very motivational. Good luck to you. anon

Weight Watchers for nursing moms?

July 2002

I'm interested in trying Weight Watchers while nursing (I know that many people automatically lose weight while nursing, but alas, I do not). I've heard WW has a program for nursing moms -- has anyone used it? Was it successful? Easy to follow? Is there a group in Berkeley, Albany or El Cerrito? Thanks! CJ

I tried WW when I was nursing because it was so succesful for my mother. I thought it was great. The average person gets 22-27 points, however, nursing mothers get 32-37 points and should eat more if they feel they need to. I felt that I was eating all the time with the 32-37 points. It worked for me while I did it (I had to return to work and didn't have time for everything). I took off about 15 pounds (in addition to what came off on it's own, but I'm like you, it doesn't just ''melt away'') and am thinking about going back for the last 10-15! Jennifer

I don't know about Weight Watchers for nursing moms - I have never tried Weight Watchers. I do however know about Overeaters Anonymous for nursing moms (and pregnant moms, and post-nursing moms, and people who aren't moms!). In 1991 I was 20 years old, over 200 lbs. and misserable. I found Overeaters Anonymous and with dedication, work, and the continuing support of Overeaters Anonymous I have been a normal weight since the end 1992. During that time I graduated from college, started my first real job, got engaged, got married, bought a house, got pregnant, had a wonderful baby, had post-partum depression and got over it, weaned my baby and am now planning to start trying to get pregnant again next month. During my pregnancy I gained a healthy 35 pounds and had lost it all by the time my baby was about 6 months old. She is now 2 1/2 and I am still the same weight. I could not have done all these things without the support I find in Overeaters Anonymous. What I get there is support for dealing with being a compulsive eater (overeater, undereater or bulimic) and for dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual illness that it is. What I do not find are dues or fees (Overeaters Anonymous is fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions), scales or diets (we pick our own food plans with the help of a sponsor and/or a medical professional), or ''experts'' telling me what to do (the only requirement for OA membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively - we share our experience, strength and hope as fellow compulsive eaters). There are many meetings in the east bay every day. To find a meeting to near you or to get more information see the website. -OA member

I used WW for nursing moms. It was easy to follow and worked (you pretty much just get 10 more points to eat than non nursing moms). I lost close to 30 pounds in 6 months. I went Satruday mornings at the Albany Community Center on Marin. There is one at 8.30 ish and one at 10am ish. Good Luck Julie

Yes, Weight Watchers does have a plan for nursing mothers. It is similar to their regular weight loss plan, but you are allowed to eat somewhat more than you would if you weren't nursing. How much more depends on whether and how much solid food or formula your baby is also getting. The plan is easy to follow and very flexible. I'm a big WW fan and highly recommend the program. I know that meetings are held at the Albany Community Center and at locations in Oakland. I don't think there are meetings in Berkeley, and I don't know about El Cerrito. Call their 800 number to get meeting locations and times. The only thing I am disappointed about is that they don't have mother/child meetings.

Where I used to live they had specific meetings for mothers with young children. Liz

Weight Watchers does have a program for nursing moms. It is the same program for everyone, except you get more daily points. It is a very healthy program. I recommend it - especially while nursing! adina

I went to WW at the Albany Community Center after my son was born and lost 35 pounds. It was great! They have a different point scale for nursing moms. The point scale determines how much food you are supposed to eat based on your weight. I thought is was a very effective weight control program to do while nursing b/c essentially they are just telling you how to eat properly (including drinking water, getting enough calcium, eating lots of fruits and veggies) and to exercise. The concept is basic: eat less, move more. However, the reality is much more difficult. Good luck! Allison

I am currently nursing and doing weight Watchers. Yes, it works. At least it is working for me. I have lost 35 pounds so far. It is easy to follow. It is basically the same as if you were not nursing, but you get more points and should eat more fruits/vegetables and drink LOTS of water. I don't know if there are meetings in Berkeley or Albany but I am sure there are. You can find locations on their web page. Good Luck Joelle

Hey, don't feel alone...I didn't lose weight naturally either, while nursing, though I really stuck it out hoping for 4 months that I would...Then I went to Weight Watchers. I've been on the system for nursing moms now for 6 months and have lost 41 pounds. I'm lighter now than before I became pregnant, and I feel great. You've probably heard about the ''points'' system with WW, which is easier to count than calories (MUCH easier). And it's the same for nursing mom's, except that you get a whopping 10 points more/day to compensate for the calories you need for milk production. Believe me, 10 points is a lot of extra food on this system, and that's really a key point that helped me be successful. As it was, the first couple of weeks seemed to call for draconian cutback in butter and bread and cheese...

My husband, who to an untrained eye didn't look overweight at all, took the opportunity to lose the 20 pounds he gained since our courtship, and had a much lower ''point'' count to play with each day. There was some bitterness, I must say.

Nursing mother or not, the WW program sets your expectations to lose no more than about 1 1/2 pounds/week, and if you keep that up week after week, you'll be doing REALLY well. A more realistic expectation would be an average of 1/2 a pound/week. If you lose more than 2 pounds/week, the attendents who weigh you in at meetings will drill you as to whether you're being healthy, and they will lecture you about speedy weight loss not being permanent weight loss (since you can't sustain the eating habits it takes to get speedy weight loss). So this, I feel, was a protective measure that I needed to feel safe and healthy losing weight while nursing. I've considered many times over these few months that since my metabolism is really slow normally, this is the best time (nursing) to be changing my eating habits and getting into a better exercise pattern. I'm not sure I could have gotten past the critical 1st 6 weeks without the extra points you get as a nursing mom. Over the last 2 months I've ratcheted down my daily intake to be at the level of non-nursing people on the program, since now I'm nursing only briefly in the morning and at night.

Meetings are in Albany (at the Library building) and Oakland. None in Berkeley that I know of. You'll get great support there (a sort of anonymous compassion for the suffering you're going through with dieting, and also for the physical and emotional pain that extra weight causes us), and tips. I wish you the best of luck. Almost Slim

I'm a nursing mom with a 5-month old and currently on my third week of the Weight Watchers program. I LOVE it!!! Nursing moms get to consume up to 10 more ''points'' per day than regular folk (depending on the weight you're currently at), so it's just plain easier to feel satisfied. What I really love most about it is how much more conscious it makes me about food. I had practically stopped eating fruits and veggies before I started. Now I'm eating them a LOT, and feeling GREAT! And fruits especially are so wonderful now in the middle of summer, so it's a good time to start. There are probably meetings in Berkeley, etc, but I'm attending the one at the Greek Orthodox church in Oakland, since I have a friend who got me interested in joining, and that's where she goes -- it's a great excuse for us to get together once a week. Plus the gal who leads the group there is very entertaining, and she first joined Weight Watchers to get rid of HER postpartum weight from her first baby. (she's now 6 months pregnant with her second) Meetings are really fun. I'd encourage you to go for it. 5 pounds lighter Kate

I am all for weight watchers...I have found it to be successful prior to having my first child and now I am back on the program as a nursing mom and so far so good. I would highly recommend it. Check the weight watchers website for locations and times. Enjoy the extra points nursing moms get!! nicole

Well after my second child, I thought I would join weight watchers. I had followed the program before the pregnancy and wanted to get back on track. What I learned however was that they don't want nursing moms dieting and so the program that they offered, wasn't about me minimizing my food intact but more about thinking healthy and getting exercise. Since I already knew what foods were healthy and that getting exercise was important, I decided I didn't want to spend the money every week, when I wasn't going to be able to benefit from their program until after I had stopped nursing. I decided to eat well, not to minimize but to certainly watch my sweet/junk food intake and to get out and walk until such time as I could seriously 'diet' and not lessen the nutrition for the baby. BZ

Looking for Lunchtime Weight Watchers program

August 2001

I would like to join weight watchers again (or a similar program), but my old leader was not very inspiring, and I'd like to try someone new. Can anyone recomend an at-work lunch time ( or daytime) program on or very close to UCB campus that meets on Tues, Weds ot Thurs? Thanks!

I do not know about Weight Watchers but I do know about a program that works for me and thousands of other compulsive overeaters. It is Overeaters Anonymous; a fellowship of individuals who through shared experience, strenght and hope, are recovering from compulsive eating. We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively. There are no dues or fees for members; we are self supporting through our own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting outside donations. OA is not affiliated with any public or private organization, political movement, ideology or religious doctrine; we take no position on outside issues. Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive eating and to carry this message of recovery to those who still suffer. There are several meetings a week close to the UC Berkeley campus. Please check the local web site: http://www.oaeastbay.org, the world web site http://www.overeatersanonymous.org for more information.

I don't have a specific recommendation for you as I go to meetings in Contra Costa, but if you go to www.weightwatchers.com, they have a function called find a meeting that will provide you times and places by zip code. Hope you find one you like--I have been very happy with the program! Claire

I've been in Weight Watcher for some time and I think our group on campus is really good. We meet Thursdays at noon in B5 Hearst Field Annex. I really like the leader, Bev Francis because she is supportive and non judgmental. She historically has always said one thing each meeting that touched my personal issues and gave me the strength to keep going. We just started a new series, come check us out, hope to see you! Janeen