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  • This is random, but I thought I would pool the collective knowledge of this community about any tips in dealing with Fastrak  I noticed that for the entire spring I had been charged on my Fastrak account for tolls on a car I sold 7 years ago.  The new owner appeared to be doing some commuting on my account.  There had been $200 dollars worth of tolls, and fortunately I noticed this because I am now working from home and have stopped commuting (and never use the bridges that this person was using).  I called Fastrak and they said this should be simple: I followed their directions, made a claim and uploaded the required documents to show the car was no longer mine, and made sure that the car was removed entirely from my account.

    I received an e-mail that a specialist would contact me within 5-7 days.  This was in mid July.  I have since made another claim, since I had not heard back on the first one.  I plan to call again, but since the wait time is usually over an hour, and I know I need to speak with a specialist I'm not sure how effective it will be.

    I have read news stories that Fastrak is in a state of crisis right now.  I'm wondering if I will ever get my money back.  Wondering if anyone has experience dealing with a Fastrak claim and has any ideas how to get connected to someone who will solve this kind of problem.

    This happened to my husband who sold his car earlier this year. After sending in the documents it took a few months before I saw the credit on our account, but we did get it. Hang in there!

    I had a similar problem. Just keep pestering them until you are connected with someone who can fix it. I was mailing them letters and documents to save myself the time of waiting on hold, and those did not help.

    I had a ridiculous issue with them years ago, so I am under the impression that they have long been incompetently managed.

    Is your Fastrak account charged to a credit card? If so I would try disputing those charges.  Let them fight it out with Fastrak if possible.