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  • Does anyone know of a good lawyer specializing in defending someone accused of drug trafficking and/or possession with intent to sell?

    You need a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense, but the particular charges don't matter. Here are some attorneys recommended by their colleagues: Seth Morris (Berkeley), Daniel Olmos (Palo Alto), and Bobbie Stein (SF).

    Lynn Gorelick is Oakland is an excellent criminal defense attorney. My ex worked for her father, and I did a short internship with him. That was before she became an attorney. When my son needed an attorney because he was served with a TRO I called Lynn, and she called me back right away. Turns out his was not a criminal matter, but she referred us to attorneys which led to his eventual consel.

    We are using Kellin Cooper for a similar issue.  https://www.cooperdefense.com/about-us

    Both Kellin and Colin Cooper are simply the best. https://www.cooperdefense.com/

    Joe Mastro is very experienced with drug cases. 


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Need a criminal attorney for marijuana possession

May 2000

Does anyone know of a really good criminal attorney who can help with a case in which a 17 year old boy was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana? I'm looking for someone who is legally savvy as well as knowledgeable about diversion programs. Thanks very much. anonymous

re attorney for teenager. One of the best is Cris Arguedas. Office in Emeryville. She's expensive, but as good as they get. Martina

Try Larry Picetti, 865-0441. Very experienced, and savvy. Laurel

I'm writing to recommend a lawyer a friend used to deal with her daughter's DUI. He's got a great reputation in the legal community. His name is Ted Kassman 654-2000 Winifred

You might want to consider consulting with the Public Defender before paying private attorney fees. This might easily be handled without any court appearances. Sherry

I don't know what city you're in, but you can try Elizabeth Grossman in Berkeley. Her # is (510) 524-4141. She has helped many people I know out of much bigger jams than a small amount of marijuana. If she can't help you, she will definitely know who can. E.B.

An excellent one is Deborah Levine, located somewhere in the (925) area. She used to be a kids' public defender (for many years), has teenage sons, and is an excellent and knowledgeable advocate. LB