Lawyer for drug trafficking and/or possession with intent to sell

Does anyone know of a good lawyer specializing in defending someone accused of drug trafficking and/or possession with intent to sell?

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You need a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense, but the particular charges don't matter. Here are some attorneys recommended by their colleagues: Seth Morris (Berkeley), Daniel Olmos (Palo Alto), and Bobbie Stein (SF).

Lynn Gorelick is Oakland is an excellent criminal defense attorney. My ex worked for her father, and I did a short internship with him. That was before she became an attorney. When my son needed an attorney because he was served with a TRO I called Lynn, and she called me back right away. Turns out his was not a criminal matter, but she referred us to attorneys which led to his eventual consel.

We are using Kellin Cooper for a similar issue.

Both Kellin and Colin Cooper are simply the best.

Joe Mastro is very experienced with drug cases.