Yoga Mandala

Berkeley, CA
Exercise & Agility
No longer in business

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Re: Yoga studio with sense of community (Nov 2003)
Hi! I know exactly the place you can really feel at home in. The yoga studio is called 'Yoga Mandala' and is located at 2807 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, Phone - 510-486-1989. The studio has some great Hatha and Vinyasa classes. You can check out the schedule at ''''. And the greatest thing about the studio is that the staff is very well educated in the classics and know what they are teaching. It also has a wonderful small family community feel to it. The studio is very beautiful and you will find yourself to be a part of the community very fast. They also offer Therapeautic massage and Ayurveda. My personal favourite teachers are - Priya for Hatha and David for Vinyasa. Check the place out. You will not be disappointed. Go for their One year anniversary party on DEc. 13th and 14th - Bhagavan Das on the 14th evening. Check the place out CB
I would like to recommend Yoga Mandala to the person wanting ''a small yoga studio with a great sense of community''. They offer yoga classes in a variety of styles and incredible workshops and Philosophy classes. Everyone there is friendly and welcoming; they make a real effort to get to know you. There are many special offers/events coming up in December for the one year anniversary of the opening of the studio so now is the time to try it out. I heard there will be $1 yoga classes so people can try as many as they want! I think a Krishna Das appearance will be one of these anniversary events. The studio is located at 2807 Telegraph Ave. near Stuart in Berkeley, phone 510/486-1989. No, I don't work there, I'm just a grateful member of the community. Diana