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Big Tots Toddler Program

April 2007

This is a great program in jeopardy of shutting down! My son attends Big Tots a few days per week. It is a program run by the Oakland Parks and Rec Department that provides drop-off care (cross between preschool and home day care feel) 8:45-12 Monday through Thursday. Children who attend are between 3 and 5 years old and potty trained. For some kids this is preschool, for some it comes before preschool and for others it supplements another preschool program. They do arts and crafts, go to the park and basically have fun socializing. The teacher and assistant are really playful and sweet. The cost and flexibility are unheard of...$15 per day, come when you want! Right now each day has between 3 and 6 kids attending. They need about 10 per day to cover costs. They are pretty new and just don't do very much advertising (it seems) so people haven't found out about it. Feel free to call me or the Rec Center(482-7827) for more information. Or, you can drop by and check it out. The teacher is Dorothy. Spread the word. Melissa

Dance at Redwood Rec Center

Aug 2001

Has anyone had a child who has taken Ballet with Patricia Hunter at the Redwood Rec Center? My daughter is very excited about it, and it's very affordable but I'm interested in feedback on this as opposed to taking dance in a more formal setting. Thanks.

My daughter attends this class with Ms. Hunter, and we are very pleased with what she learns in this class. Anya is now 5.5, and she started doing ballet at 3 at a different school, the East Bay Dance Center, then we switched to Redwood Heights. Anya learned to love ballet, learned a lot of positions and can recognize classical ballet music by its title and composer. She loves to improvise and teaches ballet dance at home to her little sister, too. Many of the graduates of Ms. Hunter join Piedmont Youth Ballet troup. The catch with this class is that it is EXTREMELY difficult to register for it, even if you come on the first day and hour of registration. Talk to Gwen Austin (the center's director) for a recommendation re: what time to come to get in line on the first morning of registration (which I think is Sept 4) Maria