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Jan 2002

Re: Dating Rules for 16-y-o
I want to refer you and any other parents to a wonderful resource for any kind of parenting issues: Parents Leadership Institute (PLI). They have a wonderful perspective on working with children of all ages, which they teach and demonstrate very effectively. They also teach and demonstrate (again, very effectively) how parents can support each other in such a way as to clear away old stuff and make room for clearer thinking. Although the office is in Palo Alto (or near there), they do groups and classes in the East Bay. I have been using their techniques for 10 years--and it completely turned around my relationship with my daughter. I just recently took a class as a refresher, and I am amazed yet again at the clarity of thinking and of presentation and at the effectiveness of the work. I would be happy to talk with you and with anyone about this if you want more info before calling PLI. Best wishes to you and to all parents as we do our best for our children! Warmly, Megen

There are very good, low cost and most helpful parenting classes/discussion groups in the east bay given by the Parents Leadership Institute, ph 415-424-8687. A new session is starting soon, so this is a good time to look into it. Good luck, and do give them a try.