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Re: Yoga Classes in El Cerrito May 2004

You don't say where you live, but I would recommend Piedmont Yoga Studio as a good all-around yoga studio with many wonderful teachers. The studio is Iyengar in its orientation, which means it focuses on alignment and core strength. The students tend to be in their 30s, 40s and 50s, which makes it a welcoming place for a 40 year old beginner. Pick up a schedule for PYS and look for level 1-3 classes, then take a few to find a teacher you like. Raleigh Wills is a male teacher who came to yoga in his 50's, and he is particularly good at working with male beginners. Other wonderful teachers for beginners are Baxter Bell and Vickie Russell Bell. Good luck. nelly

Yolanda Vazquez is an absolutely wonderful yoga instructor. She usually teaches at Piedmont Yoga, but on Thursday afternoons she teaches at Creating Harmony Institute in Albany-828 San Pablo Ave, near Solano. Classes are small and students get lots of personal attention from Yolanda. New classes are will be starting up on other days with other instructors if Thursdays don't work for you. The phone number to call for more information is 510-526-1559. Lori

Re: Prenatal Yoga (1999)
Rodney Yee at the Peidmont Yoga Studio on Piedmont Ave. 869-3651. Rodney is simply the best. Dawn

Re: Prenatal Yoga (1999)
I can't say enough good things about the pre-natal yoga class offered by Barbara Papini at the yoga studio on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. It's Monday evenings from 5:45-7:15, and I think she also teaches same time Thursdays at the Julia Morgan Center on College. Between Barbara's yoga class and a standard water aerobics class at my gym (Club One in City Center) I had a relatively easy pregnancy, and I think things were much easier in the delivery room as well. Definitely check out Barabara; I'm sure the place on Piedmont can provide specifics.