Park Blvd Yoga Center

Oakland, CA
Exercise & Agility

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June 2004

Re: Yoga Class in El Cerrito

Try Stacy Smith's class at Park Blvd Yoga Center (Glenview) on Wednesday mornings. She's the BEST yoga teacher out there - and her class on Wednesday mornings is gentle, filled with folks of all ages & skill levels. Yoga Enthusiast

I can highly recommend Robert Gray at Park Boulevard Yoga. He's not at all the ''guru'' type and even has some special men only classes as well as good beginner level classes. He knows anatomy, classes are safe on the joints, and he adapts to fit the indivisual. Namaste. Helene

Hi there! My husband and I go to the Park Blvd. Yoga Center, which is a really small studio in Glenview (4226 Park). We take classes from Robert Gray and I've really come to like and appreciate him a lot. We (me especially!) are not very flexible either... and Robert is very patient, helpful and non- judgemental. Also, in the classes we've attended (usually mornings)- there's typically a maximum of 10 students with an almost even number of men and women. Robert's phone number is 798-3712 if you have questions - or you could stop by and pick up a brochure. Good luck! michelle