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East Bay Moms / Parent Facebook Groups? Oct 15, 2019 (7 responses below)
Facebook groups for local parents? Oct 24, 2018 (2 responses below)
Parenting Podcast or Book recommendations? Jun 18, 2018 (4 responses below)
  • East Bay Moms / Parent Facebook Groups?

    (7 replies)

    Hi all -- Moving to the east bay from SF and wondering if there are parent / mom Facebook groups in east bay that you would recommend joining? I'm part of Main Street Mamas San Francisco and it's been helpful for local tips and info, and wondering if there's something similar in the east bay. Thanks!

    There’s a Main Street Mamas East Bay group!

    There's a Main Street Mamas East Bay group. Depending on which city you're moving to, there are other local FB groups too (e.g. Berkeley Family Friends, Berkeley Moms). 

    The FB group called Berkeley Family Friends has been a good resource. Welcome to the East Bay!

  • Facebook groups for local parents?

    (2 replies)

    Dear all,

    I'm looking to join Facebook pages for parents in the greater Bay Area. Any suggestions?



    Hi Silvia,

    I’m a member of a couple. There is Main Street Mamas East Bay and The Mamahood East Bay. I’m also a member of a couple of local Berkeley/Albany groups. Where are you?

    Hi Silvia,

    I really liked Main Street Mamas East Bay Facebook group. They organize a number of in-person meet ups so you can have a great community during and after parental leave.


  • Parenting Podcast or Book recommendations?

    (4 replies)

    Hello - I have two toddlers, and I’m looking for recommendations for good/entertaining parenting podcasts or books. I feel like we are past the “survival” baby type of parenting advice (sleeping, potty, finding childcare etc.); I am now my looking for things like how and when to best teach them about empathy, finances, stranger danger etc.  Thank you!

    That is a broad range of topics, but two books that have been useful to me are "No Bad Kids" (Lansbury) and the classic "How to Talk So Kids Will listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" (Faber & Mazlish). They are more about your interactions with your kids than about teaching them specific skills, but, of course, the better relationship we have with our kids, the easier it will be to model these skills productively. I look forward to others' recommendations.

    Janet Lansbury has an amazing website with articles and podcasts, she has been a lifesaver for me!, also Lisa Sunbury Gerber

    I absolutely love Mom and Dad are Fighting.


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Seeking other online parenting forums

My sister doesn't live here and is so envious of my access to the BPN. Every time I talk to her it seems she's struggling with another parenting dilemma and is looking for advice but we can't seem to find any good online forums. She's hoping to be able to tap into a community of dedicated, socially conscious parents that we are so fortunate to have here. She reads alot but being able to post her specific questions online is so much more efficient given how precious her time is. She doesn't care if it's specific to her region -- it's just advice she wants, not local services or anything. If anyone out there has any websites worth checking out, please post them! Thank you! Erika

Try there are lots of great parenting forums there including Breastfeeding, Attachment Parents, Hip Mamas, etc. jennifer

Good parenting websites & blogs

Dec 2006

As a web-obsessed mama, I'm always on the look-out for new websites to visit on one of my favorite topics: parenting. Do you have any favorite parenting websites to share with me? I'm interested in factual, advice-type sites like BPN and, but I'd also like to hear about any sites/blogs you visit that are well-written and entertaining. Some examples of that sort that I've been enjoying lately are,, and Can you help this mama waste time? Wendy

I like She has all kinds of advice, including a big medical section, she talks about gifts, breastfeeding, things to do, homeschooling, and types of schools. Lots of stuff in there like to waste time too!

My favorite parenting blog of all time is the one by Catherine Newman on Babycenter called Bringing Up Ben and Birdy. She currently has one at Wondertime, but you can go to her babycenter one and start at the beginning. She is a wonderful mother with great insights on parenting and also a hilarious writer. Rudy is a fantastic site with a wonderful, simple premise- the greatest gift we can give our children is to enjoy parenting them. Joe

The ultimate parent time-waster is the craigslist parenting forum. When you are itching for the next BPN to come out, go there. Good questions, good advice, but since it is basically unmoderated, there is a fair amount of bitchiness and drama, but it is very possible to avoid all that if you want to anon

There are several great sites I use regularly (descriptions copied from the sites themselves): Trixie Tracker -- crunches simple daily input into rich, informative charts, graphs and striking visual summaries that help you better understand your baby. Learn more about your baby's needs and behavior. Keep track of daily patterns. Share with your family and friends. Get more sleep. KellyMom -- this website was developed to provide evidence-based information on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) -- a peer-reviewed and fully referenced database of drugs to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. Among the data included are maternal and infant levels of drugs, possible effects on breastfed infants and on lactation, and alternate drugs to consider.

Blogs: I second the vote for Catherine Newman at Wondertime and BabyCenter!

Nicole R.

My favorite blog is Sweet Juniper. You can find it at The dad who writes here also blogs at bloggingbaby. I like sweet juniper because both the mom and dad blog and they are both great writers. Rookiemoms and The Poop (at are also entertaining. reads blogs at work