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Local parenting magazines?

Aug 2009

Any good suggestions on a local parenting or local resource magazine with good articles and resources? Lisa

Hi Lisa, I can highly recommend Bay Area Parent Magazine and Parent's Press Newpaper, both are free and are wonderful resources for our local area and beyond. You can find them at various grocery, baby stores and public libraries. Hope this helps! Denise

Magazine for a new parent

Dec 2007

Hi, I am a new parent of a 3 month old. I'd like to subscribe to a parenting magazine, but one that reflects values of sustainable and healthy living. Does anyone know of any ''green'' parenting magazines, or parenting magazines or websites that might be less about consumption? I found one from the U.K., but it was super expensive to get in the US, plus it seemed to defeat the purpose anyway since shipping a magazine so far is certainly not very environmentally friendly! Thanks! Colleen

You might like a magazine called Kiwi. Ellen

Try Mothering Magazine - It may be what you are looking for. Kelly

Mothering ( is the best magazine I can recommend. Lisa

While not specifically about environmental issues, I love Wondertime magazine. It has ads and product reviews, but the articles are not simply shilling for the advertisers. They also don't just recycle the same articles over and over like some of the other magazines seem to do. Rather, it's full of thoughtful, unique articles about parenting. I especially like that they represent different parental voices.

Mothering magazine. R.K.

Parents, or Parenting - which one?

Nov 2005

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone prefers Parents or Parenting Magazine? School fundraiser selling mags and want to choose the best one... Thanks, Lois

Have you tried Child? Its my favorite. Karen

I don't know about the other one, but I found Parents magazine to be truly horrible. There were always these articles about freak accidents that happen to children. I realized after my (gift) subscription ended that I felt much more relaxed and confident in my parenting. No more Parents for me

We get Parenting -- it's fine. I haven't read the other. anon

I have been a subscriber to Parents magazine for 9 years. I find that they have articles for each relevant stage in a child's life which is why I still subscribe after all these years. There always seems to be new information as opposed to a rehashing of old articles. Their recipes are also consistently delicious. I can't compare it to Parenting, since I have never read that magazine. Daphne

Favorite pregnancy magazine?

June 2004

I am working on a project to evaluate magazines on pregnancy and childbirth. I am interested in finding out about your favorite or least favorite pregnancy magazine. What is it about the magazine that you like or don't like? When you were pregnant (or if you are currently pregnant) did you consult pregnancy magazines? Were they helpful (you can never read too many articles on prenatal nutrition and you really are interested in finding out about Gwyneth's most recent layette purchase) or do you think they are just excuses for selling stuff? Margaret

Personally, I always really enjoyed Mothering magazine, for its alternative approach. Always articles about labor/birth, school- age kids, mothering/parenting,presenting alternative viewpoints. I hated Parenting, American Baby, etc, for their emphasis on consuming and being up-to-date with the latest plastic stuff. I especially enjoyed the editorials by Peggy O'Mara, it felt like she was a big sister; a collection of her essays is published under the name ''The Way Back Home''. I was not a stay-at-home mom and didn't do the whole natural thing, but wanted cloth diapers, home-made baby food, breastfeeding, and wooden toys, vs plastic, plastic, plastic. Used to be one didn't need so much STUFF just to have a baby. Do we now? Bonnie