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Non-formal dance class for child

March 2002

I have seen the previous postings regarding this topic, but some things have moved or changed since. I am seeking updated suggestions about where I could bring my daughter to do some movement to music without it being as formal as tap or ballet. I feel she is too young to be following directions just yet, but would like to encourage her interest in dancing. I know she would enjoy moving with other kids and lots of space as opposed to on our living room coffee table! Any ideas welcomed, though we live in Oakland and would like to keep it in the area (Berkeley, Albany, El Cerritto okay). Thanks. Melissa

Recommendations received:

  • Danspace (2)
  • East Bay Center for Performing Arts (1)
  • Luna Kids Dance (2)
    Other suggestions:

    Check out the Rec Center at Dimond Park in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland. They have many activities for toddlers, including a ''Jump and Tumble'' class that my 3-yr. old daughter loves. You can pay per class on a drop-in basis ($10 I think).

    I can relate to your request, as we had our daughter in pre- ballet, but found she was still too young to follow the instructions patiently for that amount of time. The activities at the park are less about structure and more about movement, fun, and meeting other kids. Plus the guy who runs the activities, Birrel, is great with the kids. Angelica

    The YMCA in Albany has a creative movement class for age 3. (I saw a notice but didn't read it since I have a 2-year old.) Lisa