Little Feet Dance & Movement

Berkeley, CA
Dance & Theater
No longer in business
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(Feb 2016) This program doesn't seem to be in operation anymore - no website or yelp references.

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Re: Informal dance/movement class for 3-year-old (March 2004)
Call Kathleen Hogan. She is terrific with little kids, and has regular gigs in preschools around the East Bay. She also holds dance classes at Aquatic Park Preschool Saturday mornings. I don't think 3 is too young. Her business is called Little Feet. She can be reached at 526-2349. Burr

December 2002

(At Aquatic Park Preschool with Kathleen Hogan) It slipped my mind and I ended up missing the opportunity to do a demo for this class this past fall. I plan to do one sometime during the upcoming session. Meanwhile, I would love to hear any opinions that people may have about this class. All I've heard is that there rarely are any boys enrolled, which I find disappointing. I wonder why parents don't enroll their boys in classes that involve dance? This won't stop me from enrolling mine in this class if I hear that it is a great class. My son will be four in early April, and he loves all things that involve music and he loves to dance. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Mariannne

Kathleen teaches a class at my daughter's pre-school and she's awesome! Everything she does is really age-appropriate, but she encourages them to use their body and think about their movement in ways they normally don't. And I happen to know that there will be at least one boy taking the class next session! elisabeth

My almost 4 y/o daughter just completed her first Little Feet class and really liked it! There were only a few boys, true, but no one seemed to mind or feel intimidated by it. It's a ''creative movement'' class, so it's just really for fun and exercise, not about routines or specific steps, etc. I am put off by the whole tutu and instructive dance thing, and here kids can wear and dance however they want. Kathleen is very patient and kind with the children. I highly recommend it! a mom

My daughter went to several sessions with Kathleen and really seemed to enjoy herself. It probably helped that she went with two of her friends -- and yes, most of the class was girls. I'd recommend the class to anyone who likes to watch their kids frolic....and they WILL be frolicking when Kathleen gets them going! Jeff

I know a lot of people love Little Feet, but it was not a good fit for my daughter and I personally didn't like the class. The teacher is very personable, but the class basically consists of her teaching pretty specific dance steps for the kids to mimic. I felt that there was very little room for creativity or imagination. We pulled out and were MUCH happier with Ha Ha This Away which is held in West Berkeley. There are lots of boys in the class and the teacher is male. He will do things like put on African music and say, 'Now everyone dance like a monkey . . . now dance like a snake . . . now like a tiger.' I found it all very creative and much more age-appropriate than LF (at least it offered more what I wanted my daughter to be experiencing with music and dance.) Also, with LF, the parents are not allowed in the room during the class. In Ha Ha this Away, the parents sit on couches along the walls, and if a child is shy at first, the parent is welcome to participate with the child. It's all very comfortable, informal, fun and imaginative. We are now at Serendipity II at Danspace and loving that too - but it is pretty much a girl thing. monika

From: Jeanne (1/99)


I enrolled my daughter in a class that is held at the Aquatic Park Preschool. It starts this Saturday and I am not sure if the class is full. The instructor's name is Kathleen Hogan and the class is called Little Feet, Creative dance and movement. The phone number is 526-2349.