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    August 2010

    Re: Performing arts for a 5-year-old?
    Kids Take The Stage in Alameda has programs for kids of all ages. My child has been taking their classes and camps for several years. Their classes are hosted by several Alameda schools, but they also have a weekly program to serve home-schoolers, or those who attend private schools and public schools that do not host a program. KTTS theater programs are stable, and their directors are creative and fun. It's a terrific way for kids to experience all aspects of putting on a musical production. My child has made great and lasting friendships through this experience. I believe KTTS has just started a new group for 3-5 year old children. Check out their website for more information: Stage Mom

    Dec 2008

    Re: Young Drama Queen looking for Venue
    I would reccomend Kids Take the Stage. Heather

    May 2008

    Does anyone have information about Kids Take the Stage? What have been the responses from the kids, parents and school staff regarding htis program and/or Trevor Weaver?

    My son has actually been in one Kids Take the Stage Production. He really liked it. The kids who are new or younger often have smaller parts. Older and more experienced kids have larger parts. The instructor we had was good. I don't know about Treavor Weaver. The administration can be a nightmare and I was a little frustrated about misspelling in the program of my son's name and a few of his friends. This was especially frustrating since you key the information in on-line.

    May 2006

    Re: Beginning acting class for shy 16-year-old
    My daughter is very shy, but opened up when she started taking part in Kids Take The Stage performances. This summer they are doing an intensive workshop for one month followed by a performance. It's a bit pricey but all the parents who's kids have taken part in previous performances give rave reviews of the teaching. Go to their website for more info.
    not a stage mom