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Editor Note: As of April 2011, this swim school has closed, per Steve Haufler. Please note that Haufler Aquatics has NO affiliation with the new business located at Haufler Aquatics' former site.

June 2009

My kids have loved the Haufler Aquatics swim school in Oakland. This hidden-gem swim lesson program is located at Holy Names University off Highway 24. Classes are half the size of most swim programs and the wonderful teacher are engaging, responsive and firm. My kids, initially hesitant about about jumping in, progressed quickly with their encouragement. The school does not have a website. Call (510)I-GO-SWIM for their brochure. - Montclair Mom

March 2009

Re: Swim class for 4 and 7 year olds
I used to take my kids to the Berkeley Y for swimming, but didn't like the ratio of kids to teacher, the hassle of parking, and the slow progress they made. I then found out about Haufler Acquatics via BPN. I was really happy with them - excellent ratio, daily except Fridays, good variety of teachers. No website, only phone: 510/446-7946 I've also heard positive things about Oakland Park and Rec swimming, but find their website difficult. They hold their lessons at a variety of pools. https://securerw.oaklandnet.com/registrationmain.sdi Search by category: Swimming, then look for Youth Learn to Swim. I also looked into lessons at the Orinda Park Pool. http://www.orindaparkpool.org/tm_swlessons.html Ellen

Mar 2005

Re: PM swim lessons for 5-year-old
Check out Haufler Aquatics. They offer swim lessons at Holy Names University all summer. The classes are 30 minutes long, starting in late afternoon and going through early evening. Classes are usually groups of 3-4 kids. I don't think they have a website, but you can get their number from information and they'll send you a brochure. My son did 2 1-week sessions last year and loved it!

April 2002

Haufler Aquatics had great lessons with again young college age students. They don't use the Red Cross badge system, but their own. The lessons for Haufler tend to have fewer kids (3 at a max) then the ones at Strawberry Canyon . The pool was warmer and it was A LOT more expensive. Their phone number is:510/446-7946. Oakland Mom

Someone was asking for a referral for a swim program for kids: Steve Hauffler runs a swim school in the summers at Redwood Day School. My 3 girls started with him when they were 2 and 3 years old. (The 2 year old twins wanted to swim so badly he bent his rules! They did learn to swim!) All of my kids learned in his program in which classes are not larger than 3 children; usually we ended up with private classes because we came earlier in the day before the rush. I can't say enough good things about this program. One of my twins was such a fish that she was taken into the Barracuda's Swim club at 5. The children progress at their own rate, which I believe eliminates a lot of anxiety. I was a Masters swimmer but still sent my girls to Steve because I knew they would enjoy it. They did, and they love to swim! Sharon

I also found swim lessons through Haufler Aquatics, which uses the pool at Redwood Day School Their sessions start 6/21 and end 8/19. The last class starts at 7:00. They can be reached at 510/446-7946. Myriam

Here's a note to the person who asked about swimming lessons in Oakland. Haufler Aquatics Swim School is run at Redwood Day School (510-253-0100; 3245 Sheffield Avenue). This is run in two week sessons. Classes are given between 3 and 7 pm. My daughter (8) attended last summer and had women teachers from the Cal Swim /Water Polo Teams. Haufler himself is a coach for several local swim teams. He's wonderful because during a group lession (groups are between 3 and 4 kids each) he'll pull a kid aside to concentrate on a skill. The program offers group or private lessons to ages 3 to adult. The kids worked hard but loved it. Trish